At least 33 dead in Peru bus crash

At least 33 people died and 10 others have been injured after a bus plunged 200 metres (650 feet) down a ravine in northern Peru, police said.

Training for poll officials from abroad

Election officials from 19 nations are participating in 2-week training programme organised by India International Institute of Democracy and Election Management of ECI.

Helicopter crashes in Peru, 13 feared dead

A helicopter with 13 people aboard, headed to a Perenco oil production facility, crashed into a jungle in northeastern Peru Sunday, and there were no signs of survivors, the company said.

Taxis light up airstrip in Peru for medevac flight

Their lights blaring in the night, hundreds of taxis lined an unlit airstrip in a jungle region of Peru so an emergency medevac plane could take off.

Peru bus crash kills 24

At least 24 people, most of them miners, were killed and a similar number were injured when their bus plunged into a ravine in Peru.

Two new lizard species discovered in Peru

Scientists have discovered two new species of lizards, with colourful splotches of green and brown on their bodies, in the Peruvian rain forest.

Peru extradites runaway ex-judge to Israel

A former Israeli judge who fled to Peru after allegedly receiving bribes had to return to his native country finally.

5,000-year-old temple found in Peru

A team of archaeologists discovered a temple and a hearth some 5,000 years old at the El Paraiso archaeological complex east of Lima.

Yale returns final lot of Machu Picchu items to Peru

Yale University returned to Peru the final lot of archaeological items from Machu Picchu that it agreed to hand over in an accord signed two years ago.

Peru seizes one tonne of cocaine

Peruvian Police have seized nearly one tonne of cocaine and arrested four drug traffickers.

Peruvian ambassador quits after meeting rebel supporters

Peruvian Ambassador to Argentina Nicolas Lynch submitted his resignation to President Ollanta Humala, in the wake of his meeting with supporters of the Shining Path guerrilla group in Buenos Aires.

Landslide in Peru hamlet kills 11

An avalanche of mud and rocks slammed into a small hamlet in Peru killing least 11.

Fujimori asks for humanitarian pardon

Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori has been in prison for human rights violations.

Armed group burns three helicopters in Peru

The guerrilla group torched the helicopters after it was forced to scrap plans to ambush a police patrol, reports said.

Rebels burn 3 helicopters in Peru

Peru`s military says Marxist Shining Path rebels have burned three helicopters owned by a gas pipeline consortium at a jungle airstrip.

Peru to lift state of emergency in three provinces

In the three provinces, violent protests against a gold mine project in July resulted in five deaths and dozens of injuries.

New bird species discovered in Peru

The team chose the scientific name of the new species Capito fitzpatricki in honour of Cornell Lab of Ornithology executive director John W. Fitzpatrick.

Bodies of two US mountaineers found in Peru

The bodies of two missing US climbers were found on Palcaraju, a mountain that rises more than 6,200 meters in Peru`s northern Ancash region.

Olympic badminton: Chinese off to a good start

The first day of badminton competition at the Olympics saw little surprise as Chinese players enjoyed comfortable starts at the Wembley Arena.

All 14 on helicopter reported killed in Peru crash

Police said a Dutchman, a Czech, a Swede, eight Koreans and three Peruvians, including the pilot and co-pilot, were on the helicopter.