Appoint food safety officers within eight weeks, HC tells Delhi

A high court division bench asked the government to file an affidavit indicating what steps they have taken on appointment of food safety officers.

23 dead in Pakistan after eating poisoned sweets: officials

At least 23 people have died and dozens of others fell ill in central Pakistan after eating sweets which police suspect were tainted with pesticides, officials said Monday.

Agriculture Ministry to use fewer animals in testing of pesticides: PETA

The Union Agriculture Ministry has agreed to accept measures that will "significantly" reduce the number of animals used in toxicity testing of pesticides, animal rights body PETA India today said.

Food items contain over 12% unapproved pesticides, claims govt report

The government has found residues of unapproved pesticides in vegetables, fruits, milk and other food items collected from various retail and wholesale outlets across the country.

Avoid pesticide exposure to ward off diabetes risk

 An analysis of 21 studies has shown that exposure to pesticides is associated with increased risk of developing diabetes by 61 percent, with different types of pesticides showing varying levels of risk.

Kerala's cardamom farmers get lessons on pesticide use

Farmers of cardamom-growing villages in Kerala's Idukki district will be educated on the judicious use of pesticides, the authorities said on Wednesday.

No pesticide spraying while flyers are on board: NGT

Heeding to the plea of a United States-based neurologist, the National Green Tribunal Monday directed the Centre to ensure that no disinfectant fumigation is carried out in aircraft while passengers are onboard.

Pesticides don't accumulate in mother's milk

Unlike other milks, pesticides do not accumulate in breast milk.

Study finds pesticide residues in mother's milk in Sirsa

Mother's milk is said to be the purest form of milk but unfortunately this vision has been shattered as pesticides are there in mother's milk. 

Haldiram's food products to be tested for pesticides in Maharashtra

After the US FDA reportedly found pesticides in Haldiram's products, Maharashtra has too ordered a test.

DNA: This genius farmer in Raipur builds drone using garbage dump!

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Pesticides alter bees' brains, affect reproductive ability

Pesticides alter bees' brains, affect reproductive ability

New research suggests that a particular class of pesticides called "neonicotinoids" do not kill bees but impair their brain function to disturb learning, blunt food gathering skills and harm reproduction.

NHRC unhappy over delay in tribunal for endosulfan victims

The NHRC on Thursday expressed its dissatisfaction over the tardy progress in the setting up of a tribunal to settle claims of victims of endosulfan and asked the Kerala government to expedite it.

Suggest steps to check pesticide-laced veg, fruits: HC to govt

The Delhi High Court today asked the government to suggest measures to regulate the huge inflow of pesticide-laced vegetables, fruits and other edible items from neighbouring states to the national capital.

UN cancer agency IARC sees a risk in five pesticides

The UN`s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) said Friday that three pesticides, including a commonly-used weedkiller, were "probably" carcinogenic and two others, which have already been outlawed or restricted, were "possibly" so.

Little done to curb pesticide use in vegetables, Delhi HC told

 Despite the excessive use of pesticides in vegetables and fruits sold across the national capital, "little has been done to curb the menace", the Delhi High Court was told Wednesday.

High pesticides in veggies & other foods: Govt report

A high level of pesticides was found in 509 samples out of 16,790 comprising veggies, fruits, spices, rice, wheat and other food items in 2013-14, said a latest government report.

Vitamin B negates pesticide effects on fertility

Exposure to a common pesticide used to kill mosquitoes can increase the risk of early miscarriage in women, but those who have adequate levels of B vitamins in their bodies stay protected, new research says.

'Pesticides pose threat to wildlife in Kerala elephant corridor'

'Pesticides pose threat to wildlife in Kerala elephant corridor'

Animal rights' activists have voiced concern over alleged widespread use of banned pesticides near forest area at Vazhachal elephant corridor, a rich abode of Asiatic elephants in Thrissur district in Kerala.

Govt launches 'Grow Safe food' campaign

Govt launches 'Grow Safe food' campaign

Government has launched "Grow Safe Food" campaign to improve agriculture output without comprising on nutrition and quality of the produce.