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Little done to curb pesticide use in vegetables, Delhi HC told

 Despite the excessive use of pesticides in vegetables and fruits sold across the national capital, "little has been done to curb the menace", the Delhi High Court was told Wednesday.

High pesticides in veggies & other foods: Govt report

A high level of pesticides was found in 509 samples out of 16,790 comprising veggies, fruits, spices, rice, wheat and other food items in 2013-14, said a latest government report.

Vitamin B negates pesticide effects on fertility

Exposure to a common pesticide used to kill mosquitoes can increase the risk of early miscarriage in women, but those who have adequate levels of B vitamins in their bodies stay protected, new research says.

'Pesticides pose threat to wildlife in Kerala elephant corridor'
'Pesticides pose threat to wildlife in Kerala elephant corridor'

Animal rights' activists have voiced concern over alleged widespread use of banned pesticides near forest area at Vazhachal elephant corridor, a rich abode of Asiatic elephants in Thrissur district in Kerala.

Govt launches 'Grow Safe food' campaign
Govt launches 'Grow Safe food' campaign

Government has launched "Grow Safe Food" campaign to improve agriculture output without comprising on nutrition and quality of the produce.

Non-synthetic pesticides fail to kill bed bugs: Study

Essential oil-based pesticides and insecticides that have flooded the market in recent years may not be good at killing bed bugs, found a research.

Madhya Pradesh: Engineering student develops equipment to wipe-off weeds

An engineering student in Madhya Pradesh has developed an equipment to wipe-off weeds without the usage of pesticides to help farmers.

WHO says limiting access to pesticides can prevent suicides

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that limiting access to pesticides can help reduce the number of suicides.

Agrochem industry body to sue Greenpeace on toxic tea report

The agrochemicals industry association Crop Care Federation of India (CCFI), Thursday said it has decided to file a defamation suit seeking Rs.50 crore ($8 million) in damages from Greenpeace India for claiming that leading brands of tea sold in the country contain pesticides.

Pesticide causes kidney disease, ovarian disease and obesity in future generations

A new study has revealed that ancestral exposures to the pesticide methoxychlor may lead to kidney disease, ovarian disease and obesity in future generations.

Pesticide exposure changes bee behaviour: Study

Long-term pesticide exposure affects individual bee behaviour, including pollen collection and the choice of flowers, a study using radio tracked bees has shown.

`Bee-harming` pesticides also hit bird populations: Study

Already suspected of killing bees, so-called "neonic" pesticides also affect bird populations, possibly by eliminating the insects they feed upon, a Dutch study said on Wednesday.

Pesticides linked to bee deaths also affect birds, fish

A class of pesticides tied to mass bee deaths is also harming butterflies, worms, fish and birds, a new research has warned.

Pesticides in veggies; Delhi govt says it has limited infrastructure

The Delhi government on Wednesday told the Delhi High Court that it has limited infrastructure in the laboratories for testing pesticides in fruits and vegetables but has chalked out plans to inform the public about its side effects.

Pesticides in veggies; HC terms it `alarming`, seeks action

The Delhi High Court today termed as "alarming" the findings of an expert committee on the status of pesticide residues in food commodities and said almost entire 1.75 crore Delhiites eat fruits and vegetables which are not fit for human consumption.

Here, seawater is used to grow vegetables!

At the Spencer Gulf, near Port Augusta in South Australia, Sundrop Farms is turning sunlight and seawater into fresh water and food inside greenhouses.

Pesticides in veggies: Centre, Delhi fail to address issue, HC told

The Delhi High Court was on Wednesday told that the Centre and the city government have failed to address the issue of use of banned pesticides in fruits and vegetables.

Exposure to pesticides may increase Parkinson`s risk

A new study has found a specific gene that may explain why some people are particularly susceptible to developing Parkinson`s after exposure to certain pesticides.

Pesticides exposure linked to Alzheimer`s disease

A new study has revealed that patients with Alzheimer`s disease have significantly higher levels of DDE, the long-lasting metabolite of the pesticide DDT, in their blood than healthy people.

Pesticides can affect brain development of unborn babies

Researchers have warned that two neonicotinoid pesticides can affect human health and harm the brain development of unborn babies.