Museum rediscovers ancient skeleton in storage

An archaeology museum in Philadelphia has made an extraordinary find in its own storage rooms.

Long after move to US, Nazi suspect faces charges

A decade after a court ruling allowed him to live out his quiet, middle-class life in the US, an 89-year-old Philadelphia man faces possible extradition to Germany on charges he aided in the killing of 2,16000 Jewish men, women and children at a Nazi death camp.

US plane makes emergency landing after dog poops thrice

In a bizarre incident, a Philadelphia-bound US flight was forced to make an emergency landing after a dog defecated thrice in the centre aisle making the smelly ordeal unbearable for passengers on board.

3-year-old girl shoots, kills 2-year-old brother in US

A three-year-old girl in the US has accidentally shot and killed her two-year-old brother with a rifle, the fourth such incident in the country this month involving children.
The boy, whose name was not released, was shot in the stomach with a .22-caliber rifle that was used earlier in the day and then left in the living room of the home in Cache County, Utah.

US Airways plane blows tire on takeoff, passengers evacuated

A US Airways plane blew a tire during takeoff from Philadelphia`s airport, though officials reported no serious injuries.

Legendary voice-over artist Hal Douglas dies at 89

The family of legendary voice-over artist Hal Douglas says he has died at his home in northern Virginia.

Snow shuts down much of Washington again

The forecast of nearly a foot of snow was enough to shut down much of Washington, with the federal government closing its offices in the capital area.

Two students get shot at Philadelphia high school

Two students were shot at a high school Friday in Philadelphia, the US state of Pennsylvania, Xinhua reported citing local media.

`Jihad Jane` gets 10 years in US in terror plot

A US woman involved in a plot to kill a Swedish artist who had offended Muslims has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after telling a judge she was once obsessed with jihad.

US girl to leave hospital after lung transplants

A 10-year-old girl whose plight for a new pair of lungs spurred a national debate over organ transplants is going home on Tuesday, her mother said.

Dead US woman turns up alive two weeks after burial

A woman in the US who was believed to be dead and buried turned up alive after almost two weeks.

Philadelphia building collapse toll rises to six

The death toll from collapse of a four-storied building in US city of Philadelphia has shot up to 6, officials said Thursday.

Building collapses in Philadelphia

A building has collapsed in the city of Philadelphia, with up to 10 people believed to be trapped under the rubble, Xinhua reported quoting the US media.

I don`t want movie star friends: Denzel Washington

Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington says he does not spend much time with his celebrity friends.

Friar accused of abuse in 2 states kills self

A Franciscan friar accused of sexually abusing students at Catholic high schools in Ohio and Pennsylvania killed himself at a western Pennsylvania monastery, police has said.

‘Man threw woman on subway tracks in Philly’

Transit police in Philadelphia have arrested a man who allegedly threw a woman on the subway tracks at a station in the city`s Chinatown neighborhood.

US `police brutality` video goes viral

The "Philadelphia police brutality" video shows a uniformed officer hitting a woman in the face this week.

Philly love triangle leads to plane scare, arrests

A bizarre love triangle to blame for a midair explosives scare that led to an aborted flight and a man being taken into custody twice in two states.

US-based company introduces freedom knee in Goa

A knee joint which is tailor-made for the Asian population was launched in Goa to give relief to several people with low body height.

Two firemen die in Philadelphia warehouse fire

Two firefighters battling a massive blaze at a vacant warehouse on Monday were killed when an adjacent furniture store they were inspecting collapsed