Why you must visit Philadelphia!
Why you must visit Philadelphia!

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The very exotic Philadelphia stands apart from the oldest city to the first art school, oldest theater to the first stock exchange. The city with its myriad features is truly a place worth visiting to explore.

Pope wraps up US tour with giant open-air mass

Pope Francis on Sunday celebrated the final mass of his US tour with an enormous crowd in Philadelphia, after meeting victims of child sex abuse saying "God weeps" for their suffering.

Pope meets with sex-abuse victims, promises accountability

Pope Francis met with victims of child sexual abuse on Sunday on the final day of his US visit and promised to hold accountable those responsible for the scandal in the church, delivering a powerful warning to American bishops accused of covering up for pedophile priests instead of reporting them to police.

Pope electrifies Philadelphia with advice on family, immigration

Pope Francis addressed a festival of families attended by tens of thousands of Catholics, offering a frank assessment of the difficulties of life and a prescription for love on the penultimate day of his US tour.

In Philadelphia, pope calls for defense of religious freedom

Pope Francis on Saturday called for a vigorous defense of religious freedom and urged ordinary Catholics, especially women, to help fortify the Church, as hundreds of thousands celebrated his visit to Philadelphia.

Pope Francis heads to Philadelphia on final leg of US tour

 Pope Francis travels to Philadelphia on Saturday for the final leg of his wildly popular inaugural tour of the United States, to greet tens of thousands of Catholics at a family festival.

Pope compliments US House Speaker on his tie

Pope Francis liked the US House of Representatives speaker John Boehner`s tie and told him so at their meeting in Washington ahead of his address to the US Congress -- the first by a pontiff.

Pope leaves Rome for Cuba-US trip

Pope Francis left Rome on Saturday for Havana, where he will start his landmark trip to Cuba and the United States.

Unprecedented US security operation for Pope Francis

Next week's visit by Pope Francis presents an unprecedented security challenge to US authorities, particularly in New York where his heavy schedule coincides with 170 leaders descending on the United Nations.

US seeks to dismiss charges against China-born physicist

US prosecutors sought to drop wire fraud charges on Friday against a physicist at Temple University in Philadelphia, nearly four months after he was accused of sharing proprietary US technology with China.

Hitchhiking robot meets violent end in US

A hitchhiking robot that captured millions of hearts by successfully travelling across Canada and parts of Europe has met a violent end after being vandalised in the US, just two weeks into its cross-country trek.

Pope`s Philadelphia mass set to draw huge crowds
Pope`s Philadelphia mass set to draw huge crowds

 Pope Francis`s mass in Philadelphia for the Catholic Church`s World Meeting of Families in September is expected to draw up to two million faithful, organisers said Thursday.

Baby among seven wounded in Philadelphia party shooting
Baby among seven wounded in Philadelphia party shooting

Two children and five adults were injured in a shooting at a block party in Philadelphia Saturday, when a suspect randomly opened fire on a crowd, according to officials and local media.

Philadelphia train derailment: US trying to determine if driver was using phone

US investigators say they are still trying to determine whether an Amtrak engineer used his phone at the controls of the train in a deadly derailment in Philadelphia.

Amtrak seeks fast US approval for automated braking feature: Document

Amtrak is seeking expedited approval to equip the Philadelphia site of last week’s high-speed derailment with an automated braking system that could have prevented the fatal mishap, according to a federal regulatory document reviewed by Reuters. 

No firearm damage to US train windshield: Investigators

Investigators has said there was no evidence that a firearm damaged the windshield of the US train that crashed last week in one of the country's deadliest rail disasters in recent years.

Passengers sue US rail operator over Philadelphia crash

Four passengers injured in last week's deadly train derailment in Philadelphia filed a federal lawsuit today seeking damages that could help challenge a legal cap of USD 200 million.

US: Amtrak to restore full Northeast Corridor service after Philadelphia mishap

As Amtrak begins fully restoring America's busiest passenger rail corridor for the first time in almost a week following a deadly crash in Philadelphia, officials are vowing to have safer trains and tracks while investigators are trying to determine the cause of the derailment.

Engineer 'cooperative' in US train crash probe

The engineer at the controls of the commuter train that crashed in Philadelphia this week, claiming eight lives, was interviewed and has been "extremely cooperative" with the investigation, US authorities have said.