Indians charged in Australia over phone app sex trap

Two Indian men have been charged for allegedly using a chat application to blackmail, abduct and rape an Australian woman.

Lady Gaga`s Artpop app can be downloaded free

Pop star Lady Gaga, whose third album `Artpop` is slated to release in November this year, has announced that the Artpop application will be free of cost.

New phone app calculates when women may become infertile

A developer from US has created an app that calculates the day most women dread - when their biological clock runs out.

Phone app to translate food menus into English

It could be useful for people who have to follow restricted diets for medical reasons.

A phone app that can find you a one-night stand!

GPS just landed itself a sleazy purpose – to boost the odds of getting “lucky” on a night out by up to 90 per cent.

Phone app for the blind

Phone app for the blind’ lets them ‘see’ through crowd sourced answers.

New phone app to identify potential paedophiles

Scientists have developed a new phone application to identify potential paedophiles.

Phone app that predicts how long cancer patients have left to live

Scientists created a new application that can tell how long terminal cancer patients have left to live.

What your phone app doesn`t say: It`s watching

Your smart phone applications are watching you — much more closely than you might like.