Kolkata hosts photo exhibition on Indian Railways

Inaugurated Monday at the Academy of Fine Arts, an oeuvre of over 200 snaps depicting historic moments will take one back in time to 1853.

Photo exhibition on children with autism

To spread awareness on autism a photo exhibition was today held here on the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day.

Photo exhibition to promote conservation of birds held in Shimla

People thronged to see approximately hundred photographs of 80 species of birds during the three-day long exhibition.

Hitler used secret photos to rehearse ‘best-looks’ for public speeches

A collection of Adolf Hitler‘s private photographs showing the Nazi leader in a series of bizarre poses to rehearse his public speeches has been released.

A camera records India-Sri Lanka partnership

India-Sri Lanka partnership has come alive through a photographic exhibition titled India through Sri Lankan Eyes.

Gehlot marks 3 yrs of his govt with exhibition

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Thursday inaugurated a photo exhibition to mark the completion of three years of his government.

Marilyn Monroe’s never seen before photographs exhibited in New York

Several never seen before photographs of Marilyn Monroe, are being featured in a new exhibit devoted to the legendary actress.

Mumbai`s Dharavi slums in new photo exhibition

Three compelling contemporary photographers have woven together an exhibition that showcases ways of witnessing what goes on in the corners of the mind, in dejected spaces as well as in privacy of a room.

Photo exhibition for flood hit Ladakh

A three day photo exhibition
featuring the works of some of the prominent photographers of
the country was inaugurated here to raise funds for the flood
ravaged victims of Ladakh.