Export your photos as Twitpic to shut shop

The photo-sharing website Twitpic is shutting down operations due to a trademark dispute with microblogging site Twitter, announced its founder Noah Everett in a blog post.

Gmail gets new photo attachment feature for image sharing

Google is introducing a new photo attachment feature, `Insert Photos` to its Gmail service that will enable users to attach and send photos straight from Google+.

Icelandic social media site targets surveillance-weary users

Upstart social media platform Vivaldi aims to capture tech savvy users seeking to avoid aggressive advertising and the prying eyes of governments, and hopes for a boost from the closure of a rival.

Twitter adds photo sharing to direct messages

Updated mobile software rolled out by Twitter lets smartphone users send pictures in direct, personal messages seen only by recipients instead of being shared publicly on the social network.

Google acquires file-sharing app Bump

Google has reportedly acquired file-sharing app developer Bump for undisclosed financial terms.