Mumbai gang-rape case: Shah Rukh Khan voices his angst

The August 22 Mumbai gang-rape case of a photojournalist in broad day light by a group of five men at the Shakti Mills compound near the Mahalaxmi railway station, has agonised both men and women across all strata of the Indian society.

System is handling rape cases badly: Irrfan

Irrfan is unhappy with the reaction of the country`s system to the escalating rape incidents.

Mumbai no longer a city we grew up in: Bollywood

Filmdom is "ashamed" and "devastated" after the gang-rape of a young woman in the city, which was once considered one of the safest place for women.

Nation outraged over Mumbai gang-rape; one accused nabbed, hunt on for four

Just days ahead of the first verdict in the shocking December 16 Delhi gang-rape, a gang-rape in the country’s financial capital has left the nation numbed and fuming.