Physicist whose work helped world see 1st moon walk dies

A physicist whose career was highlighted by research that helped capture moving images of the first moon walk has died. Ernest Sternglass was 91. Cornell University says Sternglass died Thursday of heart failure in Ithaca, New York.

Machines to take over humans by 2045: Physicist

Physicist Louis Del Monte has warned that humans would not be able to retain the tag of the top species on Earth after 30 years.

Romanian call girl jailed for conning Canadian

An Austrian court jailed for two years on Friday a colourful Romanian call girl with a doctorate in nuclear physics who conned a smitten Canadian businessman out of 230,000 euros ($318,000).

Goutam Ghosh makes documentary on physicist Meghnad Saha

The life and times of world-famous physicist Meghnad Saha have been captured in a new documentary by ace film-maker Goutam Ghosh.

UK`s Telesio-Galilei Academy award for physicist C K Raju

Physicist C K Raju will be awarded
Gold Medal by the UK-based Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science
for his interpretation of quantum mechanics and suggesting
certain corrections to Albert Einstein`s theory of relativity.

Stephen Hawking honored at NYC science gala

Luminaries from the fields of physics, gathered to pay tribute to British physicist Stephen Hawking.

US physicist `predicted about SMS in 1909`

Texting may be a boon in today`s world, but the concept was visualised more than a century ago.

Stephen Hawking planning to leave Cambridge University: Report

After 50 years, eminent physicist
Stephen Hawking is planning to leave Cambridge University over
the British government`s cuts in science, a media report said.