Star dust may provide clue to life supporting planets
Star dust may provide clue to life supporting planets

Recreating isotopes that result when a star explodes can help physicists understand where life-supporting elements may be found in space, new research led by Indian-origin student Zena Patel shows.

Physicists find laws of physics at play in football

Physicists have revealed that the real-time dynamics in a football game are subject to self-similarity characteristics in keeping with the laws of physics.

Physicists closing in on `God particle`

Experiments at world`s biggest atom smasher have yielded hints that a long-sought sub-atomic particle truly exists.

Physicists isolate sample of spin polarized positronium atoms

A new research by American scientists could help in the development of gamma ray lasers and produce fusion power.

Physicists discover odd fluctuating magnetic waves

A team of scientists has discovered magnetic waves that fluctuate when exposed to certain conditions in a superconducting material.

Physicists tie light in knots

A team of physicists has accomplished a remarkable feat by tying light in knots to understanding how to control it -- something that has important implications for laser technology used in a wide range of industries.