Wanted: Helicopter pilot for Queen

If you like flying high with the rich and famous, then this is the job for you.

Glider plane crashes in Kanpur

A glider plane crashes in a house in Kanpur and the lady pilot is injured.

British pilot`s artificial arm comes off during landing

A pilot for a British budget airline briefly lost control of a flight after his artificial arm came loose during landing, an air accident report said.

US pilot orders 50 pizzas for all passengers on delayed flight

Flight delays can make passengers grumpy but not when the pilot orders pizzas for them as a treat.

Iranian pilot killed fighting in Iraq: State media

Iranian pilot has been killed while fighting in Iraq, state media reported today, in what is thought to be Tehran`s first military casualty during battles against Islamic State jihadists.

MH370 pilot `chief suspect` in case of foul play: Report

The captain of Flight MH370 has been identified as the prime suspect by a Malaysian police investigation into the disappearance of the plane after checks cleared all other people on board, a media report said today.

Ukrainian pilot killed in eastern town operations

Ukraine`s Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said Friday that gunmen shot down at least two army helicopters in the eastern town of Sloviansk, killing one pilot and capturing the other.

50 Cent releases new track

Rapper 50 Cent has debuted new track `Pilot` in anticipation of his upcoming album Animal Ambition.

Missing Malaysian plane co-pilot planned to marry girlfriend

27-year-old Fariq was planning to marry 26-year-old Capt Nadira Ramli, a fellow pilot from another airline AirAsia, Sabah-based, Daily Express reported today.

Pilot, skydiver injured in plane-parachute collision in US

The 87-year-old pilot of a Cessna and a skydiver escaped with minor injuries when the plane collided with a parachute at a small airport in the US state of Florida, authorities said on Sunday.

China tells pilots to improve landing skills to deal with Beijing smog

Chinese media frequently reports fights, attacks on airport and airline workers and passengers storming aircraft in response to delays and the poor way they are handled.

Australia fires flare as military blamed for blaze, pilot killed

Thousands of largely volunteer firefighters have been battling infernos for eight days across the state of New South Wales that have destroyed more than 200 homes, with the Blue Mountains region west of Sydney the focal point.

Passenger lands plane after pilot falls ill in UK

A courageous passenger with very little flying experience was forced to make an emergency landing of an aircraft in UK, after the pilot fell ill.

Pak pilot admits four times over limit alcohol consumption after arrest at UK airport

ThePakistan International Airlines (PIA) pilot, who was arrested on Wednesday for intake of alcohol while on duty, has admitted consuming four-and-a-half times over the legal limit in the cockpit.

Body of missing US pilot found in China

The body of a US pilot, missing since Tuesday after his light aircraft crashed into a lake in northeast China`s Liaoning province, was recovered on Friday.

Body of missing US pilot found in China

The body of a US pilot, missing since Tuesday after his light aircraft crashed into a lake in northeast China`s Liaoning province, was recovered on Friday.

Prince William`s time in RAF as chopper pilot ends

Prince William`s stint as an RAF search and rescue helicopter pilot has ended, British media reported on Wednesday.

Five-year-old Chinese boy becomes youngest pilot

A five-year-old boy from China has become the Guinness world record holder for the youngest person to pilot a plane.

San Francisco crash: Asiana Airlines says pilot was in training

Asiana Airlines said on Monday that the pilot in charge when its Boeing 777 crashed in San Francisco was in training for this type of aircraft.

Asiana plane crash victim killed by emergency vehicle?

Asiana Airlines on Monday revealed that the pilot who was at the controls of Boeing 777 that crash-landed at San Francisco airport, had no experience in landing a 777 at that airport.