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Rescuers save 366 migrants from boats in Mediterranean, 20 reported dead

Rescuers save 366 migrants from boats in Mediterranean, 20 reported dead

Rescuers saved 366 migrants from rickety boats trying to cross the Mediterranean to Italy.

Consent for unnatural sex no ground for discharge: Court

A case was lodged against the man at Moti Nagar Police Station in west Delhi in 2014.

IS claims pilot of downed Syrian plane captured

The Islamic State militant group claimed on Friday it has captured the pilot of a warplane crashed southeast of Damascus, the SITE Intelligence Group quoted the group`s Amaq news agency as saying.

BSF Plane Crash: Pilot noticed technical snag but was told to go ahead with flight

The pilot of the Border Security Force (BSF) plane that crashed near the Delhi airport this morning noted a technical snag soon after he started the engine. But he was reportedly told to go ahead with his flight by the BSF ground crew.

British Airshow : Seven dead after military jet hits cars

Seven people were killed Saturday at an airshow on the English seaside when a military jet failed to pull up out of a loop and crashed into a busy road.

Air India Express air hostess accuses senior pilot of insulting her

An air hostess of low-cost airline Air India Express has filed a complaint against a senior pilot, accusing him of insulting her at the work place.

Solar Impulse could be stuck in Japan for a year: Pilot

Solar Impulse could be stuck in Japan for a year: Pilot

A solar-powered plane attempting to fly around the world must cross the Pacific within a few weeks or it could remain stuck in Japan for a year, its pilot said in an interview published Thursday.

Watch: When a cat goes on an unexpected plane ride!

A video has been posted on YouTube of a cat digging its claws into an ultra-light aircraft wing as its pilot and passenger fly hundreds of feet above the ground at first apparently unaware of its presence.

Kate Moss slammed pilot as 'basic b***h' after being escorted off flight

Kate Moss slammed pilot as 'basic b***h' after being escorted off flight

 Kate Moss was recently escorted off a flight after she displayed "disruptive behaviour," but she didn't stop there. As she left, she called the pilot a "basic b***h."

Prince William returns to work after paternity leave

 Britain's Prince William returned to work today as an air ambulance pilot after taking nearly six- weeks of paternity leave ahead of the birth of his second child.

Pilot orders pizzas for grumpy passengers on delayed flight

Flight delays can make passengers grumpy but not when the pilot orders pizzas for them as a treat and that too on the runway.

'Supergirl' pilot leaks online six months before schedule

'Supergirl' pilot leaks online six months before schedule

The pilot of CBS's upcoming superhero series, ' Supergirl,' has hit the net six months before it was supposed to air.

SpiceJet Bombardier Q-400 fleet pilots get 20-25% pay hike

Budget carrier SpiceJet has hiked the salary packages of its Bombardier Q-400 fleet commanders by 20-25 percent, bringing them on par with Boeing pilots, sources said.

Pilot holds up AI flight for three hours for 'dirty' oxygen mask in cockpit

An Air India flight was delayed by three hours after its pilot refused to accept a "dirty" emergency oxygen mask and insisted for a "fresh" one before flying the plane.

Indonesian fighter jet catches fire on runway, pilot jumps to safety

 An Indonesian fighter jet caught fire just before take-off on Thursday, prompting the pilot to jump to safety as flames and thick smoke engulfed the plane, officials said. 

Nepal gets its 1st woman pilot instructor

 A 36-year-old Nepalese woman, who did her secondary education in India, has scripted history by becoming Nepal's first female pilot instructor.

Alps crash pilot told ex `everyone will know my name`

The co-pilot who investigators believe crashed a passenger jet into the French Alps, killing all 150 aboard, worried "health problems" would dash his dreams and vowed one day to do something to "change the whole system", an ex-girlfriend told a German newspaper.

Germanwings pilot tried to smash into cockpit with axe, says report

The captain locked out of the cockpit of the Germanwings plane that crashed in the French Alps used an axe to try and force his way back in, German daily Bild said on Friday, citing security sources.

German police search house of pilot who flew A320 into mountain

A young German co-pilot locked himself alone in the cockpit of Germanwings flight 9525 and set it on course to crash into an Alpine mountain, killing all 150 people on board including himself, prosecutors said on Thursday.

Jaime Lee Kirchner to star in 'Dead People' pilot

Actress Jaime Lee Kirchner has joined the cast of The CW pilot "Dead People".