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Try these drinks to boost your weight loss!

Try these drinks to boost your weight loss!

Everyone wants to lose weight by burning calories and extra fats.  

Watch video: Top 10 incredible health benefits of pineapples!

Did you know? Bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme contained in pineapples, has been shown to be an effective anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant and digestive aid. 

Recipe: Crepes

Recipe: Crepes


1 cup flour

1 1/2cups milk

2 eggs

1 teaspoon vegetable oil

One fourth teaspoon salt



Combine flour, milk, eggs, and oil.

Add salt.

Care for a `coconut-flavoured` pineapple?

Scientists in Australia have developed a new "pina colada" pineapple that tastes like a coconut.

Recipe: Pineapple-Banana Pudding

Try this amazing dessert today.

Recipe: Bean Curd With Pineapple

Try this healthy recipe for lunch today.

Recipe: Pineapple Bread

Give your taste buds a delicious treat with Pineapple bread.

Recipe: Pineapple Punch with Ginger

Try the refreshing drink of Pineapple Punch with Ginger today.

Coming soon: `Green cars from pineapple, lemon`

Team leader Alcides Leao said the fibre used to reinforce new plastics may come from delicate fruits.