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Facebook's 'love', 'haha', 'wow' expressions could be translated in Pirate

Facebook's 'love', 'haha', 'wow' expressions could be translated in Pirate

The California-based company recently introduced the new expressions to study what most of the users want to see.

Pirates attack Malaysian tanker in South China Sea

Pirates have attacked a Malaysian tanker and stolen the gas oil cargo before releasing it in the latest attack in Southeast Asian waters, officials said today.

Southeast Asia hub of global pirate attacks: UN

Southeast Asia has become the world`s hotspot for pirate attacks after an international clampdown slashed the number of hijackings off the coast of war-torn Somalia, the UN said today.

Hugh Jackman set to play pirate in `Pan`

Hugh Jackman has been roped in to play pirate Blackbeard for Warner Bros` upcoming project, tentatively titled "Pan".

US plans to retry alleged pirate

The US Justice Department said today it plans to retry an alleged Somali pirate for hostage-taking, after a jury deadlocked on those charges last week.

Bardem to play Captain Blackbeard in new `Peter Pan` film?

Actor Javier Bardem has reportedly been offered the coveted role of the pirate Captain Blackbeard in the upcoming `Peter Pan` film.

Pirate kingpin held in Hollywood-style sting

An alleged pirate kingpin fell into a trap and was arrested after getting lured from Somalia to Belgium in a Hollywood-style sting to work on a fake documentary about crime on the high seas.

Danes capture pirate mothership, free 14

The Danish navy says it has
captured a suspect pirate mothership off the Horn of Africa
and rescued 14 people.

Fight pirates under UN aegis: India

Hinting at a possible link between terror groups and Somali pirates, India pitched for fighting the sea brigands under the aegis of the UN.

UK women over 35 years read pirated e-books!

A new survey has discovered a new breed of pirates taking over the Internet - women over the age of 35.

Captive Danes will die if rescue attempted: Pirate

A Danish family`s sailboat was seized by pirates in Indian Ocean Thursday.

Navy ship thwarts pirate attack on merchant vessel off Yemen

A pirate attack on a merchant
vessel in the Gulf of Aden has been thwarted by an Indian
warship, which intercepted a dhow with 31 sea brigands on

Somali pirate pleads guilty in US court

The Somali man now faces up to 25 years in prison, say US justice officials.

Indian Navy foils Somali pirate attack

An Indian warship on Sunday foiled an attempt by Somalian pirates to hijack merchant vessels off Somalia`s coast in the Gulf of Aden, a Navy spokesman said on Monday.

World pirate attacks drop in first half of 2010

Pirate attacks worldwide
fell 18 per cent in the first half of 2010 from a year ago, as
patrols by several navies in the Gulf of Aden curtailed raids,
an international maritime watchdog said on Thursday.

Somalians found unconscious in boat near Veraval coast

Seven foreign nationals were found
in an unconscious state in a boat near Veraval coast by
local fishermen today, Coast Guard officials said here.

Somali pirates release ship with 6 Indians aboard

Six Indians on board a British vessel hijacked by Somali pirates in December last year from the Gulf of Aden have been released.

US navy nabs pirate suspects near Seychelles

A US warship operating in the
Indian Ocean captured five suspected pirates on Thursday after an
exchange of gunfire in international waters near the
Seychelles, the Pentagon said.

Seychelles coastguard vessel destroys two pirate boats

The Seychelles coastguard repelled
an attack by Somali pirates on Tuesday, destroying two of their
boats during a dramatic high-seas operation that started with
the brazen rescue of 27 fishermen.

Navy frees Somalis seized after pirate shooting

The EU Naval Force freed six Somalis seized after their companion was shot dead by a private security contractor during an attempt to hijack a ship off the East African coast, a naval spokesman said Thursday.