Farming emerged 23,000 years ago in present Israel

People who lived on the shore of the Sea of Galilee in present day Israel made the first attempt at agriculture around 23,000 years ago, much earlier than previously thought, new research shows.

Telangana launches massive plantation programme

Telangana on Friday launched a massive programme to plant 230 crore saplings over the next three years.

'Jesus lizard' walked on water 48 million years ago

Scientists have discovered a 48-million-year-old fossil of a 'Jesus lizard', known for its ability to walk on water, in the US State of Wyoming.

Orchids join endangered species list
Orchids join endangered species list

A new study has suggested that because of illegal trading, Paphiopedilum callosumis, one of several species of slipper orchids, has been classified as endangered.

Indian scientist finds rare plant with potential anti-cancer properties

A team of Indian scientists has discovered in the Western Ghats a rare plant which could open up possibilities for cancer treatment.

A plant that leads to diamond deposits

A geologist has found a rare African plant that prefers to grow on diamond-bearing kimberlite rocks. The plant, identified as Pandanus candelabrum, is the first indicator species for diamond-bearing rocks, Stephen Haggerty, researcher at Florida International University in Miami, told Science magazine.

Plants use sixth sense for growth on space station
Plants use sixth sense for growth on space station

Research aboard the space station may illuminate the mystery of a plant's "sixth sense", literally turning plant gravity-sensing research on its head.

New light shed on flowers' 'petal-dropping' processes
New light shed on flowers' 'petal-dropping' processes

A new study has shed new light on the process, known as abscission, that governs how and when plants shed their petals.

Brazil disconnects nuclear power plant

One of Brazil's two nuclear reactors has been disconnected because of a flaw in a condenser that cools the steam used by the plant's electric power generator.

Invasive species can dramatically alter landscapes
Invasive species can dramatically alter landscapes

 Invasive plant and animal species can cause dramatic and enduring changes to the geography and ecology of landscapes, a new study has found.

Plant extract can help smokers quit

A plant extract commonly used in eastern Europe to help smokers kick the habit, appears to work much better than nicotine replacement patches and gums, scientists say.

How plant history shapes global change responses

A new study shows that just as our family histories dictate what we look like and how we act, plant evolutionary history shapes community responses to interacting agents of global change.

'Food crops' to be grown in space
'Food crops' to be grown in space

A new EU-funded research project is set to attempt to grow food in space, which may lead to crops being cultivated on the Moon and Mars.

Highest altitude Ice Age settlement discovered
Highest altitude Ice Age settlement discovered

The highest altitude Ice Age human occupation anywhere in the world - nearly 4,500 metres above sea level (masl) - has now been documented in the Peruvian Andes.

Soon, fuel from waste of 'whisky-making' to be reality

Researchers have been working to turn the waste from whisky-making into fuel and ultimately planning to make it a commercial reality, it has been reported.

Lavender to be classified as 'skin sensitiser'

In view of reports that products made with lavender oil can cause allergic reactions for some people, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) said it will classify the oil as a 'skin sensitiser'.

India nuke enrichment plant expansion operational in 2015: IHS

India is expanding a covert uranium enrichment plant that could potentially support the development of thermonuclear weapons, a defence research group said on Friday, raising the stakes in an arms race with China and Pakistan.

NDMC waste-to-energy plant supplying power to 8,000 households

As the residents in the national capital grapple with an acute power crisis, the New Delhi Municipal Council is doing its bit to ease the situation by daily contributing 16MW of electricity generated from solid waste to 8,000 households in the city.

`Paleo` diet may not be so good at suppressing appetite

A new research suggests that the trendy "paleo" diet a plant-based diet inspired by the idea that human ancestors mainly consumed roughage may not be so good at suppressing appetite.

Plant immune system provides resistance against diseases: Study

lant immune system provides resistance against common plant diseases, according to a new study.