Don`t ask me about plastic surgery: Kate Hudson

Actress Kate Hudson is fed up of rumours that she has had plastic surgery. Hudson, 35, who allegedly had breast implants and a nose job in 2010, said people should rather focus on how she treats people instead of how she looks, reportedly.

Jennifer Lopez `terrified` of plastic surgery

Actress Jennifer Lopez admits she would do anything to maintain her curvaceous figure and good looks but she draws the line at plastic surgery.

Japanese porn star undergoes plastic surgery to look like Dobby

A Japanese porn star, who goes by the name Rumi Kanda, is being called the human Dobby, a beloved character from the Harry Potter series, after going under the knife.

Kylie Jenner slams surgery claims

Kylie Jenner may be following in the footsteps of her older sister Kim Kardashian with her reality TV career, product endorsements and racy bikini shoots, but she hasn’t gone under the knife, yet.

`Too young for botox` Kylie Jenner slams plastic surgery rumours

Kylie Jenner has blasted rumors suggesting that she had plastic surgery done, insisting that she`s too young to have anything done.

Plastic surgery rumours are insulting: Kylie Jenner

Reality TV star Kylie Jenner has slammed rumours of undergoing plastic surgery, saying `they are insulting`.

Kris Jenner wanted Khloe to get nose job at nine

Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian has said that her mother Kris Jenner wanted her to undergo a nose job when she was young as nine.

Kim K slams post-baby plastic surgery rumours

Kim Kardashian lashed out at reports that she had any plastic surgery to lose her post-pregnancy weight, in a furious Twitter post.

I have never had any plastic surgery: Jennifer Lopez

Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez insists she has never had any plastic surgery.

Jennifer Lopez slams plastic surgery rumours

Singer Jennifer Lopez has denied allegations that she had plastic surgery.

Foreigners flocking to India for low-cost quality cosmetic surgery

Many Americans are considering travelling to Mexico or India for a less-expensive rhinoplasty or breast augmentation procedure, according to a report.

Plastic surgeon wants to set up skin bank

After having worked in Britain, plastic surgeon M.S. Jayasekhar is working on an awareness campaign about a skin bank in the state, which he thinks will be a great boon for those who suffer severe burn injuries.

Kate Winslet wants to age gracefully

Actress Kate Winslet is against plastic surgery to reduce wrinkles and says she wants to grow old gracefully.

Demi Moore advices Jennifer Aniston to have plastic surgery

Jennifer Aniston has been told to have plastic surgery done on her legs by her good friend Demi Moore.

Japanese woman spends USD 100,000 to look like French doll

A Japanese woman has spent over USD 100,000 on surgeries to look like a French doll, undergoing a startling 30 cosmetic procedures to get the desired look.

Naomi Watts says no to `Botox`

Naomi Watts has revealed that she wants to age gracefully as she is afraid that plastic surgery will make her look `freakish` and ruin her ability to show emotion on screen.

Acid attack victim to undergo plastic surgery in Delhi

The 30-year-old school teacher, who was attacked with acid by a youth in the city, will be flying to New Delhi on Friday for plastic surgery at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital.

Kate’s nose and Robert Pattinson’s jaw `most popular` at plastic surgery clinics

Duchess Kate’s nose and Robert Pattinson’s jaw is the celebrity face part that is most requested by the plastic surgery patients this year, according to figures.

Salma Hayek scared of plastic surgery

Hollywood beauty Salma Hayek says she will never resort to plastic surgery to retain her youthful looks.

Sharon Osbourne vows against plastic surgery

TV presenter Sharon Osbourne has vowed not to go under the knife as she turned 60.