Earth Day 2015: Take the lead, make each action count!
Earth Day 2015: Take the lead, make each action count!

Earth Day is the day we celebrate our beautiful planet and pledge to protect it. Our amazing planet is constantly being ravaged by human activities and we seem to have forgotten that this is our home.

Ban on plastic packaging: NGT grants stakeholders more time

The National Green Tribunal, which is mulling ban on plastic packaging of products including PET bottles, Wednesday granted more time to various stakeholders to file their submissions on the proposal.

Scrap market closure: NGT asks authorities to reply in 2 weeks

The National Green Tribunal has granted authorities in Gokalpur scrap market area here two weeks time to ensure compliance of its orders on burning of tyres and plastic.

New device turns plastic into 3D-printing material

Researchers have developed a new desktop device that quickly turns plastic waste into raw material needed for 3D printing.

Way found to make self-folding 3D structures

Inspired by the Japanese art of origami, researchers have found a way to make reversibly self-folding 3D structures.

New incubator uses fungi to turn plastic into food

Austrian researchers have developed a working model of an incubator that uses fungi to break down waste plastic and turn it into edible nutritious food.

Over five trillion pieces of plastic litter world's oceans: Study

The health of our oceans is at grave risk, with a study revealing that more then five trillion pieces of plastic now litter the world's oceans, media reported.

A plastic that breaks down on demand
A plastic that breaks down on demand

A new plastic made from natural materials that breaks down to its soluble building block molecules when exposed to ultraviolet light has been created by scientists.

Scientists turn ageing brain into 'plastic' child-like state

Scientists have revealed that they have discovered a way to revert an adult brain to the "plastic", child-like state that is more able to form new connections quickly.

Bottle-feeding may risk your baby's health

Toxic substance in plastic, known as Bisphenol A, or BPA found in bottles used to feed babies can be potentially harmful to their health and can cause several diseases.

Now, biodegradable plastic to be made from rice, parsley waste

A new study has shown that it may soon be possible to make chairs, synthetic rugs and plastic bags from cocoa, rice and vegetable waste.

Bombay HC throws out PIL asking Railways to re-impose ban on plastic

Bombay High Court on Friday declined to entertain a PIL which sought a direction to the Central Railway (CR) to re-impose a ban on use of plastic to pack food items sold at suburban platforms and in local and long- distance trains.

Fish consuming vast quantities of plastic ocean waste

Australian scientists are concerned that fish are eating hundreds of thousands of tonnes of plastic floating in the ocean and this waste is ending up in sea food, a media report said Friday.

Indian student in UAE readies for NASA launch of experiments

The experiments of an eleven-year-old Indian student in the UAE would be launched into space under a NASA programme, a media report said.

New type of rock formed from plastic waste

Researchers have discovered a new type of rock created by melted plastic trash on a beach in Hawaii.

Plastics that not only heal but regenerate

Here is some good news as researchers at the University of Illinois have developed a plastic that can regenerate itself by regrowing.

New porous materials boon for industry

Finally, here is a new way of making a class of porous materials that allows for greater manufacturing controls and has significantly broader applications than the long-time industry standard.

New finding confirms link between chemical in plastic and cancer

Researchers have found liver tumours in mice exposed to the Bisphenol A (BPA) - chemical present in plastic - via their mothers during gestation and nursing.

Set up plastic parks, provide technology upgrade fund: Group

The apex body of plastic industry Tuesday appealed to the Centre to set up plastic parks across the country and provide fund for technology upgradation of units operating in the key sector.

Himachal Pradesh court extends stay on plastic ban

The Himachal Pradesh High Court extended the stay on the state government notification banning 25 junk food items in plastic packaging till December 09.