Two new Delhi Metro stations get green awards

Delhi Metro's two new stations -- Janpath and Mandi House -- have been awarded the platinum (highest) rating for adherence to green building norms, it was announced here on Friday.

Mary Kom, Onler celebrate love with platinum bands

Love was in the air when M.C. Mary Kom and her supportive husband Onler Kom exchanged Platinum Love Bands to celebrate their togetherness in the capital. India's five-time boxing world champion says her love for her husband is growing stronger like the metal.

South Africa platinum mineworkers return to work

Thousands of miners on South Africa`s platinum belt streamed back to work on Wednesday after reaching a wage deal with leading global producers that ended a crippling five-month strike.

S.Africa`s platinum strike could end this week: Advisor

South Africa`s protracted platinum strike could be called off this week after trade union leaders responded positively to a wage offer by producers, a source close to the talks said Tuesday.

Vidya Balan dons `Nouveau-Traditions` design trend in platinum

This season, Vidya Balan dons a distinct look with the vintage meets modern range of precious platinum jewellery by Ranka Jewellers.

Climate friendly fuel cells for hydrogen cars come closer to reality

Researchers have shown how to build fuel cells for hydrogen cars, which produce as much electricity as current models, but require less of the rare and valuable metal platinum.

Now it`s platinum locks for Lady Gaga!

Singer Lady Gaga has tried lots of colours on her tresses - purple, pink and even green.

South Africa mourning upended by fiery politician

Julius Malema was applauded when he said the government has not intervened in the mines "because our leaders are involved in these mines”.

New oxide can help slash diesel pollution

Researchers have identified a material that can slash pollution levels caused by diesel-powered vehicles by up to 45 percent.

S Africa police `killed 34 miners`; Zuma orders inquiry

South African President Zuma announces inquiry into deaths of 34 miners killed by police at Lonmin`s mine.

Gold, platinum on Earth came from space: Scientist

The gold and platinum that we see on Earth today may have come from outer space following a mammoth meteorite shower more than four billion years ago, scientists have claimed.

Alien platinum ``stirred`` into Earth`s interiors 1.5 bn years ago

A new research has determined that meteorites raining down on Earth 1.5 billion years ago created a debris rich in platinum, which ‘stirred’ down into the interior of the Earth.