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18 Indian fishermen arrested in Pakistan

Pakistani authorities have arrested 18 Indian fishermen and seized their three boats for allegedly violating the country's territorial waters.

Growth hormone helps improve autism-linked disorder

A growth hormone can significantly improve the social impairment associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in patients with a related genetic syndrome, according a new study.

NCDEX to impose Rs 1 lac/case penalty on members offering PMS

Leading agri-commodity bourse NCDEX on Tuesday said it will impose a penalty of Rs 1 lakh per case on members who are found indulging in offering fund-based portfolio management services (PMS).

Godrej Properties buys back HDFC PMS stake in two projects

HDFC PMS (Portfolio Management Services) had invested about Rs 100 crore to pick up stakes in Godrej Properties' two subsidiaries, which are developing realty projects in Chennai and Chandigarh, sources said.

What makes women irate during periods

The mystery of why women are irate and anxious during that time of the month has flummoxed many.

B vitamin-rich food linked to lower risk of PMS

Women who eat a diet rich in B vitamins have less risk of premenstrual syndrome.

Women`s monthly misery just a drug away

Women now could be freed from the monthly misery of PMS by taking a common drug for a few days.