Was suffering from pneumonia during hospitalisation: Scarface

Rapper Scarface has opened up about the illness that sidelined his Geto Boys Reunion tour plans, revealing he was suffering from pneumonia.

Pneumonia increases long-term morbidity, mortality

Having had community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) greatly increases the risk of long-term morbidity and mortality compared to those who have never had CAP, shows a Canadian study.

Beware! Bothersome bronchitis can lead you to serious illness

A new study has revealed that if not taken care then bronchitis lead to more serious conditions such as pneumonia which requires medical treatment.

Nurse Aruna Shanbaug, in coma for 42 years, dies in Mumbai

Former King Edward Memorial (KEM) Hospital nurse Aruna Shanbaug, who was in a vegetative state for the last 42 years, after she was sexually assaulted by a hospital sweeper in November 27, 1973, passed away on Monday.

Household air pollution weakens lung immunity

 Household air pollution can cause weaknesses in the immune function of the lung even in healthy people, which can lead to higher rates of pneumonia, a new research has found.

Smoking makes superbugs more aggressive: Study

MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant superbug, becomes even more resistant to killing by the immune system when exposed to cigarette smoke, a new study has warned.

Singapore mourns demise of Lee Kuan Yew: 'Won't see another man like him'
Singapore mourns demise of Lee Kuan Yew: 'Won't see another man like him'

Singaporeans were left in tears and the entire nation was in deep mourning as their founding father and first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, known for his fierce leadership, lost the battle to pneumonia and passed away on Monday morning.

Singapore's former PM Lee Kuan Yew passes away
Singapore's former PM Lee Kuan Yew passes away

Lee Kuan Yew, former prime minister of Singapore, died at 3:18 a.m. on Monday at the age of 91, the prime minister's office (PMO) said.

Singapore`s founding leader Lee `weakens further`: Govt

The health condition of Singapore`s founding leader Lee Kuan Yew weakened further on Sunday as he battles severe pneumonia in hospital, the government said.

Condition of Singapore's founding leader Lee Kuan Yew worsens

The condition of Singapore's first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, who has been in hospital with severe pneumonia since February 5, has worsened due to infection, the government said today.

Kids in rural India don't get right treatments for lethal diseases, say scientists

 Children living in rural India are treated wrongly for diarrhea and pneumonia, which are the 2 leading killers of young ones worldwide.

New antibody promises better survival for influenza, pneumonia patients

 Scientists have developed an antibody that promises better chances of survival for patients suffering from influenza and pneumonia.

New antibody to fight flu pandemics and pneumonia

Researchers have developed an antibody which boosts the survival chances of patients suffering from influenza and pneumonia.

Reaching every pneumonia, diarrhoea affected kid a challenge

Despite intervention in tackling pneumonia and diarrhoea among kids in the country, the goal of providing care to every child remains a challenge, a health expert has said.

Saudis on Twitter deny rumours King Abdullah dead

A Saudi journalist and a member of the royal family denied rumours on Thursday that King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, in hospital since December suffering from pneumonia, had died, according to messages on social media.

Hospitalised for pneumonia? Save your heart

 A person's chance of having a heart attack or stroke increases significantly if he or she has been hospitalised for pneumonia, researchers warn.

Peter Mayhew hospitalised for pneumonia

Peter Mayhew, the actor who played Chewbacca since the '70s in the 'Star Wars' films, has been hospitalised with pneumonia. Mayhew, 70, cancelled an appearance at a comic book store in Texas over the weekend after falling ill, reported TMZ.

Swine flu claims first victim in UP

Swine flu claimed its first victim here in Uttar Pradesh when a retired army man died late Tuesday for want of Tamiflu, the drug used in its treatment, an official said Wednesday.

Extra dose of vitamin E may help protect against pneumonia

 A new study has recently revealed that extra vitamin E may help protect against common type of Pneumonia in humans, as it showed promising results in protecting older mice from the disease.

Boxing great Muhammad Ali hospitalized with pneumonia
Boxing great Muhammad Ali hospitalized with pneumonia

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali has been hospitalized with pneumonia and is expected to recover because the illness was caught early, a spokesman said on Saturday.