Critic of Sochi Games construction jailed for 3 years

A Russian environmentalist who campaigned against ecological damage from construction work for the Sochi Olympics is to spend three years in a prison colony, after losing an appeal against his sentence on Wednesday.

Ecuador mulls taking Assange case to The Hague

Assange has been living in the embassy for more than a year, after Ecuador granted him political asylum, but Britain refused to let him leave the country by denying safe passage, Xinhua reported.

Al Qaeda leader al-Libi was given political asylum in UK?

Abu Anas al-Libi, the al Qaeda leader who was captured by the US special forces in Libya, was given political asylum and allowed to live in Britain in 1995, reports said.

Cuba heavy metal band seeks asylum in United States

Thousands of Cubans try to flee their homeland every year for the United States, where they are guaranteed political asylum.

Cuba`s Raul Castro backs asylum offers for Snowden

Raul Castro stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Latin American countries that have expressed willingness to take in Snowden.

Russian wanted by Uzbekistan seeks political asylum

A geologist in Russia wanted by authorities in Uzbekistan for arrest is seeking political asylum in Russian city of Bryansk, a migration official said Friday.

John McAfee seeks political asylum in Guatemala

McAfee spoke to an international news agency in a restaurant near a high-end hotel where he is staying in Guatemala City after sneaking out of neighbouring Belize.

Britain refuses Assange safe passage to Ecuador

Britain will not allow Julian Assange safe passage out of the country, Foreign Secretary William Hague said.

Saudi princess seeks political asylum in Britain

A Saudi Arabian princess has sought political asylum in Britain because she fears for her safety in her home country.

WikiLeak`s Assange seeks political asylum in Ecuador

Ecuador foreign minister Ricardo Patino told reporters: "Ecuador is studying and analysis the request".

No political asylum for Gaddafi: Russia

Russia categorically ruled
out political asylum for Muammar
Gaddafi in the country.

Germany demands political asylum for Assange

The Internet is not the backyard of the United States, says a German party.

US grants political asylum to Mexican reporter

Jorge Luis Aguirre said he got death threats from Mexican authorities.

Centre to decide political asylum to NWFP Sikhs: Sukhbir

Punjab Deputy Chief Minister
Sukhbir Singh Badal on Wednesday said it was for the Centre to decide
regarding the political asylum for Sikhs of North West
Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan.

Osama bin Laden`s son claims political asylum in Spain

Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden`s son has claimed political asylum in Spain after being refused entry to live in the UK with his British wife.