BJP got over Rs 41 crores, Congress Rs 36 crore as political donations in last fiscal: Electoral Trust

BJP and Congress are the major beneficiaries of political donations in the last fiscal at over Rs 41 crore and more than Rs 36 crore respectively, according to a report of an Electoral Trust registered with the Election Commission (EC).

EC for probe into donations for Congress, BJP

The Election Commission has come across instances of suspected violations of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act by Congress and the BJP.

Rethinking donations from mining firms: BJP

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which has launched a political campaign against illegal mining in Goa, has said that henceforth it would accept donations from mining companies only after verifying if its operations were legal.

Japan`s PM hangs on despite political donations furore

Accepting donations from foreign nationals is illegal if done so knowingly.

Japan PM wants ban on pol. donations from firms

Amid sagging voters` support due to funding scandals within his ruling party, Japan PM has again said that he would like to prohibit donations.