West Bengal ponzi firm's MD arrested

The managing director of URO Group - a West Bengal-based deposit-taking company - has been arrested on charges of cheating and fraud, police said on Saturday.

After West Bengal, Odisha emerges as another ponzi hotbed

As regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India​ (SEBI) continues its clampdown on ponzi schemes, it has found Odisha to be a major hotbed for such illegal fund-raising activities with investors being duped in name of jatropha bushes and gold investments.

Govt mulls ban on ponzi advertisements

Faced with a mushrooming ponzi menace across the country, the government is considering a possible ban on promotion of money-collection schemes promising unrealistic returns.

One year later, fallout from Madoff`s massive fraud

The FBI agents who arrived at Bernard Madoff`s luxury penthouse apartment on the morning of December 11, 2008, found a broken man in a bathrobe who knew his time was up.

Madoff trustee sues Madoff family for almost $200 mn

Bernard Madoff`s brother, sons and a niece used the family finance business like a "piggy bank," a court-appointed trustee says.