US should reject hostility to immigrants, Pope Francis tells Congress

 Pope Francis told Congress on Thursday that the United States should reject a "mindset of hostility" to immigrants, directly addressing a thorny subject that is dividing the country and stirring debate in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Rally, strike, vigil greet Pope in Washington

 A 13-day bus trip by US nuns seeking to "bridge the divide" between rich and poor comes to an end Tuesday in Washington, where Pope Francis will kick off his US visit.

Pope ends Cuban trip with address to families, heads to US

Pope Francis was ending his visit to Cuba on Tuesday with a Mass at the country's most revered shrine and a pep talk with families before flying north to Washington for the start of his US tour.

Pope meets Fidel Castro after mass on iconic Havana square

Pope Francis met with Fidel Castro on Monday at the Cuban revolutionary leader's home in Havana after an outdoor mass attended by hundreds of thousands of people on the city's iconic Revolution Square.

Crowds pack Havana`s Revolution Square for Pope`s mass

 Catholic faithful and fans of Pope Francis crowded into Havana`s iconic Revolution Square Sunday to hear the Argentine pontiff give mass, the highlight of his trip to Cuba.

Pope Francis feels 'used' by fake friends

Pope Francis says he has felt "used" by people claiming to be his friend since he became pontiff, in a radio interview touching on the personal side of his papacy.

Vatican legal adviser questions pope's annulment reform

 An adviser to the Vatican's high court has warned that Pope Francis' new reform of the church's marriage annulment process raises serious legal questions and could lead to "crises of conscience" for even happily-married Catholics.

Austrian migrant tragedy `offends humanity`: Pope

Pope Francis on Sunday decried the deaths of 71 migrants found in an abandoned truck in Austria last week, calling for effective cooperation to avoid such "crimes that are an offence to the whole of humanity."

'Alien life' exists, we are not alone, says Vatican chief astronomer
'Alien life' exists, we are not alone, says Vatican chief astronomer

The Vatican which reinforced the belief that Earth was the center of the Universe and the sun revolved around our planet instead has now relaxed its view of mankind's place in the cosmos.

Pope Francis urges youngsters to marry
Pope Francis urges youngsters to marry

 Young people should not fear wedlock and Jesus protects couples who keep the faith, Pope Francis told Catholics on Tuesday.

Pope urges Catholics to care for the sick

Taking care of the ill and the weak will bring Catholics close to Jesus Christ, Pope Francis said on Thursday.

Pope Francis surpasses 22 million Twitter followers

Pope Francis surpassed 22 million Twitter followers Wednesday on his multiple accounts, joining the ranks of tech-savvy entertainers and world leaders who command tens of millions of eyeballs on social media. 

Pope to meet representatives for workers, poor in Bolivia

Pope Francis reached the halfway mark of his South American pilgrimage on Thursday, celebrating his first Mass in Bolivia and meeting with workers' cooperatives and other grass-roots groups representing the poor whose causes have long been championed by history's first Latin American pope.

Throng greets Pope Francis for Ecuador mass

Hundreds of thousands of faithful greeted Pope Francis with cheers and flags in scorching heat on Monday for the first open-air mass of his three-nation trip to South America.

In land of Pachamama, Bolivians hope for pope of ''good intentions''

At a "Witches Market" in the Bolivian city of El Alto, dried llama fetuses said to bring good fortune hang outside tin shack stalls while healers read the future in coca leaves and call on ancient spirits to cure ills.

Pope urges revolution to save Earth, fix 'perverse' economy

Pope Francis Thursday called for a bold cultural revolution to correct what he calls the "structurally perverse" economic system of the rich exploiting the poor that is turning Earth into an "immense pile of filth."

Two US bishops quit, envoy trial date set in Church sex abuse cases

The Vatican has accepted the resignation of two US bishops accused of failing to protect minors from a paedophile priest and set a date for the unprecedented trial of a senior cleric for paedophilia.

UN: Pope's encyclical may have "major impact" on climate talks

Pope Francis is likely to have a major impact in spurring UN negotiations on global warming with an encyclical on the environment next week, the UN`s climate chief said on Thursday.

Pope creates abuse tribunal for cases of bishop negligence

Pope Francis has created a new tribunal section inside the Vatican to hear cases of bishops accused of covering up for priests who raped and molested children, the biggest step the Holy See has taken to hold bishops accountable for abuse.

Vatican commissioner accuses Australian cardinal of "disregard" for abused children

The Catholic Church`s commissioner for the protection of children has described the Vatican`s finance chief as having an almost sociopathic disregard for abused children, accusations the Australian cardinal rejected as wrong and misleading.