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Scientists crack gene secret that lets poppies make morphine

Scientists have identified a key gene used by poppies to make morphine, paving the way for better methods of producing the medically important drug, potentially without the need for cultivating poppy fields.

Scientists get closer to create painkillers from yeast instead of poppies

Scientists have come closer in creating palliative medicines using yeast cells instead of poppy plants.

England can wear poppies on armbands, says FIFA

FIFA has agreed to let the England team wear embroidered poppies on their black armbands to mark Remembrance Day during Saturday`s friendly against Spain, the English Football Association (FA) said on Wednesday.

Afghan provinces get millions to reduce poppies

The US on Monday agreed to hand out millions of dollars in development aid to provinces in Afghanistan that have eliminated or reduced the production of opium poppies, the raw ingredient in making heroin.