'VIP' Madonna wins new Malawi president's praise

Pop diva Madonna met Malawi`s new president Friday after her VIP status was restored in the country where she adopted two children but then fell foul of the former government.

Most of world`s poorest nations stuck in a structural rut: UN

The planet`s poorest nations like Ethiopia, Malawi and Angola have failed to cash in on strong economic growth due to a lack of structural reforms and left them wallowing in poverty, the UN warned Thursday.

Global warming could undermine poverty fight: World Bank

Climate change could undermine efforts to defeat extreme poverty around the globe, the World Bank warned on Sunday.

Burden of sustainability cannot be placed on poor: Sumitra Mahajan

Stressing on the need for an equitable development agenda, India has said that the burden of sustainability cannot be placed on the poor and livelihood concerns of the underprivileged not be compromised for lifestyle interests of others.

One out of every 30 children in US is homeless

Washington: One out of every 30 children in the US is homeless, the highest rate in history and one that is due to the nation's high percentage of poverty, together with the lack of affordable housing and the impact of domestic violence.

Checking income inequality key to fighting poverty in India: Report

 Ninety million Indians could be lifted out of extreme poverty by 2019 if only the country manages to prevent a rise in income inequality, according to a report by an international development organisation.

UN calls for more efforts to eradicate poverty

The UN Friday marked the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, with its Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calling for more efforts to eliminate poverty in all its forms as 2.4 billion people still live on less than $2 a day.

Health insurance has lowered death rate in Karnataka: Study

At a time when the central government is mulling a universal health insurance policy for the poor, a study shows that a similar programme in Karnataka to provide health insurance to households below the poverty line has lowered both mortality rates and out-of pocket expenses for beneficiaries.

Israel to launch plan to fight high poverty rate

 Israel`s Minister of Welfare Meir Cohen announced Monday that the government is set to allocate 1.7 billion shekels ($550 million) for an anti-poverty mission, aiming at halving the nation`s high poverty rates within a decade.

Eradicating poverty will defeat extremists: John Kerry

Top US diplomat John Kerry Friday made a passionate plea to wipe out poverty and improve health and education as the most powerful antidote to the "toxic" beliefs of extremists.

Over 51,000 affected, 28 killed by Niger flooding: UN

At least 28 people have been killed and more than 51,000 affected by flooding in Niger after heavy rains in June inundated swathes of the impoverished nation, the United Nations said Thursday.

Kalam calls on scientists to adopt people-focused approach

Former President A P J Abdul Kalam Friday stressed the need for scientific community to develop a `focus on people` approach in dealing with global challenges like poverty and illiteracy.

Congress rejects Naveen`s poverty reduction claim

Rejecting Odisha Government`s claim about reduction of poverty at faster rate, Opposition Congress today asked the reasons behind rampant child sale and large scale migration from the state.

2.2 bn people are `poor or near-poor`: UN report

Approximately 2.2 billion people around the world are "poor or near-poor," a UN flagship report said Thursday.

More than 2.2 billion people `poor or near-poor`: UN report

More than 2.2 billion people are "poor or near-poor", with financial crises, natural disasters, soaring food prices and violent conflicts threatening to exacerbate the problem, a United Nations report said Thursday.

UK lauds India`s efforts to reduce poverty, stress on growth

The British government has appreciated India`s fast movement towards reduction of poverty with "inclusiveness" and said Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s stress on investment in growth and infrastructure was "encouraging".

Bolivia legalizes child labor for kids from age 10

Bolivia has passed a law authorizing children to work from age 10, saying the rule is necessary due to realities in the impoverished country where kids join the labor market prematurely.

1/3rd of world`s extreme poor in India; highest under-5 deaths

One third of the extreme poor global population reside in India which has also recorded the highest number of under-five deaths in the world, the latest UN Millennium Development Goals report has said.

India tops the list of global poor: UN report

India tops the list of countries with the largest share of global extreme poor though the poverty rate in southeast Asia as whole saw a substantial fall from 1990 to 2010, a new United Nations report said.

Reduce maternal, child deaths: Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan

Laying stress on reducing the number of maternal and child deaths in accordance with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan Saturday asked doctors of a city hospital to be "zero tolerant" of inefficiency and "pro-active" in performing their duties.