One in three Germans say capitalism to blame for poverty, hunger

Nearly a third of Germans believe that capitalism is the cause of poverty and hunger and a majority think true democracy is not possible under that economic system, according to a survey published on Tuesday by the Emnid polling institute for Berlin`s Free University.

How stress can make you poorer

Stress can make people with high level of anxiety poorer by denting their confidence to compete, suggests a new study.

'People act wiser in scarcity'

Scarcity of resources can turn people wiser, say researchers, including one of Indian-origin.

30 crore people still live in extreme poverty in India: Report

About 30 crore people still live in extreme poverty in India even as the Millennium Development Goal (MGD) programme will expire in December, a United Nations report has said.

How childhood trauma contributes to poverty

People who experience emotional and physical abuse during their childhood are likely to end up earning less and not having enough healthy food for their children, research has found.

Akshay Kumar launches campaign to end poverty, inequality
Akshay Kumar launches campaign to end poverty, inequality

Actor Akshay Kumar, who is leading Indian celebrity online support for global Action/2015, says the campaign is all about taking action to end poverty and inequality, and providing equal opportunities for all.

Pope demands Philippine leaders end `scandalous` inequalities
Pope demands Philippine leaders end `scandalous` inequalities

 Pope Francis on Friday demanded world leaders end "scandalous social inequalities", as he called on them to show integrity and reject corruption.

'1bn more may face extreme poverty if leaders duck key issues'

Global poverty could rise for the first time in a generation as almost a billion more people would face extreme poverty if world leaders fail to take key decisions on inequality and climate change at two critical UN summits this year, a campaign launched Monday warned.

63 million people faced with poverty due to healthcare expenditure

A whopping 63 million people are faced with poverty every year due to "catastrophic" expenditure over healthcare which neutralises the gains of rising income and various government schemes aimed to reduce poverty, according to the Health Ministry.

Food, medicine shortage kills more than 300 in Syria in 2014: Monitor

Shortages of food and medicine caused the deaths of more than 300 civilians, including about 100 children, in areas besieged by the Syrian regime in 2014, a monitoring group said Saturday.

Convergence of welfare schemes to benefit people: Prabhu

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu on Friday said that the benefit of Central and state governments' welfare programmes is not reaching the poor families and advocated convergence of all schemes for development of the society.

'VIP' Madonna wins new Malawi president's praise

Pop diva Madonna met Malawi`s new president Friday after her VIP status was restored in the country where she adopted two children but then fell foul of the former government.

Most of world`s poorest nations stuck in a structural rut: UN

The planet`s poorest nations like Ethiopia, Malawi and Angola have failed to cash in on strong economic growth due to a lack of structural reforms and left them wallowing in poverty, the UN warned Thursday.

Global warming could undermine poverty fight: World Bank

Climate change could undermine efforts to defeat extreme poverty around the globe, the World Bank warned on Sunday.

Burden of sustainability cannot be placed on poor: Sumitra Mahajan

Stressing on the need for an equitable development agenda, India has said that the burden of sustainability cannot be placed on the poor and livelihood concerns of the underprivileged not be compromised for lifestyle interests of others.

One out of every 30 children in US is homeless

Washington: One out of every 30 children in the US is homeless, the highest rate in history and one that is due to the nation's high percentage of poverty, together with the lack of affordable housing and the impact of domestic violence.

Checking income inequality key to fighting poverty in India: Report

 Ninety million Indians could be lifted out of extreme poverty by 2019 if only the country manages to prevent a rise in income inequality, according to a report by an international development organisation.

UN calls for more efforts to eradicate poverty

The UN Friday marked the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, with its Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calling for more efforts to eliminate poverty in all its forms as 2.4 billion people still live on less than $2 a day.

Health insurance has lowered death rate in Karnataka: Study

At a time when the central government is mulling a universal health insurance policy for the poor, a study shows that a similar programme in Karnataka to provide health insurance to households below the poverty line has lowered both mortality rates and out-of pocket expenses for beneficiaries.

Israel to launch plan to fight high poverty rate

 Israel`s Minister of Welfare Meir Cohen announced Monday that the government is set to allocate 1.7 billion shekels ($550 million) for an anti-poverty mission, aiming at halving the nation`s high poverty rates within a decade.