Crimea hit by outages amid Ukraine power crisis

Crimea Wednesday suffered massive blackouts after Ukraine unexpectedly stopped supplies, sparking traffic jams, hospital closures and panic across the peninsula.

Nationwide blackout hits Bangladesh

A nationwide power blackout hit Bangladesh on Saturday after a transmission line failed, the government said.

Massive blackout hits Cairo rush hour

A huge power outage blacked out most of Cairo on Thursday causing major disruption across the city of some 20 million people at the height of the morning rush hour.

Millions without power in southern Philippines

Millions of people were left without electricity in the southern Philippines on Thursday after a massive power breakdown, officials said, as repair crews worked to determine the cause of the outage.

Power blackout hits 70 percent of Venezuela

Venezuela`s main power distribution network has failed, depriving 70 per cent of the country of electricity and creating traffic chaos in much of Caracas, which normally escapes such outages.

Russia probes cause of Petersburg power blackout

The cut had left almost half of Saint Petersburg without power for hours.