Turkey rolls out red carpet for Indian power producers

 With Turkey aiming for mega 125-GW installed power capacity by 2023, private firms like Tata Power, Lanco, GMR and Essar as also state-run NTPC are mulling investments in that nation, according to Turkish investment support and promotion agency.

China opens new grid to ease power woes in Tibet

 China on Thursday opened a USD 1.08-billion power grid to ease the electricity shortages experienced by more than five lakh people in the remote Himalayan region of Tibet.

Militants storm power grid in Pakistan`s Peshawar

Armed militants on Tuesday dawn attacked a power station in Pakistan’s Peshawar, killing seven and abducting four others.

India-type blackout ‘may be curbed by smart grid’

Researchers have come up with a new technology that may help restore power more quickly after over-demand felled three big grids in India.

`Electricity restored almost fully in all regions`

A day after the biggest blackout in the country, affecting half of India`s population, the main distribution company Wednesday said nearly 100 percent of the demand had been restored in all five regions of the country.

Power blackout: Can Centre take on errant states?

The terrible Tuesday that left over 600 million people powerless has led to a new round of squabbling between states over fixing responsibility for the mess.

Fitch says power sector outlook stable

Rating agency Fitch has assigned a stable outlook to the power sector on the back of some progress on fuel availability issues and the possibility of debt restructuring of seven state power utilities (SEBs).

Grid collapse disrupts power supply in Jharkhand

The failure of North-Eastern grid has affected power units of Damodar Valley Corporation in Jharkhand.

Power grid failure: ‘Undisciplined’ UP blamed again

With the Northern Grid failing for second consecutive day, the blamed is being put at Uttar Pradesh’s door for not confirming with grid discipline.

Massive crisis again: Half of India powerless

The entire northern and eastern India faced blackout on Tuesday afternoon after the power grid serving the two regions failed within minutes of each other.

Power restored in some parts of Rajasthan

Power supply has been restored in some parts of Rajasthan, including capital Jaipur, after remaining disrupted since morning due to the collapse of the Northern Grid.

S Lanka: Jaffna to be connected to power grid soon

Jaffna residents currently suffer regular power interruptions, a legacy from the decades-old conflict.

Blast hits power grid in Myanmar

An explosion in Myanmar`s northeastern Shan state hit a power grid, affecting power supply to Yangon.

India`s 20th nuclear reactor connected to power grid

The fourth unit of 220 MW Kaiga
Generating Station located in Uttar Kanada district of
Karnataka was connected to the southern power grid in the
early hours.

Iran`s nuke plant to feed power grid in December

Iran`s state TV says Iran`s first
nuclear power plant in the southern Iranian port of Bushehr
will start feeding the country`s power grid late next month.