Judge`s remark on pre-marital sex invite criticism

Remark of sessions judge of a Delhi court that pre-marital sex is "immoral" and against "tenets of every religion" drew criticism from CPI leader, who sought Supreme Court`s intervention into matter.

Pre-marital sex `immoral`, no religion permits it: Court

Pre-marital sex is "immoral" and against the "tenets of every religion", a Delhi court has said while holding that every act of sexual intercourse between two adults on the promise of marriage does not become rape.

Pre-marital sex not a statutory offence: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has held
that pre-marital sex is not a statutory offence.

Pre-marital sex: SC quashes 22 cases against Khushboo

The Supreme Court on Wednesday dismissed nearly two dozen criminal cases against Tamil actress Khushboo for making a controversial statement endorsing pre-marital sex and live-in relationships.