Wikipedia can predict the next disease outbreak

An increase in visits to Wikipedia pages about a disease can predict its next outbreak, a study suggests.

Predicting who you could befriend on Facebook!

You may think that it may not be impossible, but British researchers say they can predict who one could befriend on Facebook -- based on places one visits.

MeT dept predicts fresh snowfall in Kashmir Valley

The tourist resorts of Gulmarg and Pahalgam were the coldest places in the Kashmir Valley as the cold wave continues to sweep the region with weather department predicting fresh snow and rain in the state.

Can we really see the future?

Events that haven`t taken place yet can influence our behaviour.

Delhi to remain hot, but light rains expected

The national capital will remain hot Friday, but light showers are expected towards the evening, the met office said.

New tool to predict earthquake risk accurately

A new tool could now help experts predict areas at high seismic risk, according to new research.

‘Sensex may cross 19,000-mark this year’

Sensex may soar past the 19,000-point level this year, propelled by domestic factors like robust economic expansion and decent corporate earnings growth, ICICI Securities has said.

US physicist `predicted about SMS in 1909`

Texting may be a boon in today`s world, but the concept was visualised more than a century ago.

Earthquake prediction model developed

In a breakthrough, American scientists have developed an earthquake prediction model which will provide a reasonable estimate of the magnitude and
location of future quakes.

2012 doomsday prediction nothing but a hoax: NASA

A NASA scientist has said that the prophecy by the ancient Mayans that the world might end in the year 2012, is nothing but a hoax, which is only helping the promoters of the conspiracy theory to rake in huge profits.