Milk drinking during pregnancy linked to infant iron deficiency: Research

Pregnant women who drink a lot of milk put their babies at risk of having an iron deficiency during an important phase of development, New Zealand researchers said Friday.

Indian-born nurse who took Australian royal prank call blamed herself, inquest hears

A nurse found hanging after a prank call from two Australian radio presenters about Kate Middleton`s first pregnancy blamed herself for the embarrassing release of intimate details of the duchess`s condition, an inquest heard on Thursday.

Binge drinking in pregnancy hurts child's mental health

A new study has revealed that binge drinking during pregnancy can negatively affect mental health of child aged 11 and deteriorates his school performance.

Sex education should start as early as 10: Study

Sex education should be imparted to children as young as 10 in order to curb unwanted early pregnancies, unsafe abortions, maternal deaths and STDs across the world, a new study suggests.

Pregnancy is mind-boggling: Kelly Rowland
Pregnancy is mind-boggling: Kelly Rowland

Former Destiny's Child star Kelly Rowland, who is expecting her first child with husband Tim Witherspoon, says feeling her baby move is mind-boggling.

Mila Kunis 'nervous' on delivering her first child
Mila Kunis 'nervous' on delivering her first child

Mila Kunis is reportedly "nervous" about giving birth to her and fiance Ashton Kutcher's first baby.

Jennifer Aniston goes 'topless' for photo shoot
Jennifer Aniston goes 'topless' for photo shoot

Jennifer Aniston goes topless for a new campaign photo shoot for Glaceau Smart water just days after ex-husband Brad Pitt got married to Angelina Jolie .

New standards for developing baby to fight stunting, obesity

In a move to combat stunting and obesity, researchers have developed new international standards for foetal growth and newborn size to provide the first accurate measurements of ideal growth and development from conception to birth.

Jennifer Aniston pregnant?
Jennifer Aniston pregnant?

Actress Jennifer Aniston is rumoured to be three months pregnant with her and fiancé’s Justin Theroux's first child.

Programme launched to identify causes of premature births

With over 25 per cent of the total premature birth related deaths occurring in India, the Centre has launched a national programme to identify the causes and predictive "biomarkers" of such births.

Pandas may fake pregnancies to lead better lives
Pandas may fake pregnancies to lead better lives

A Chinese expert has claimed that pandas fake pregnancies to have a better lifestyle.

High decibel causes poor growth of babies: Experts

High decibel during pregnancy can lead to poor growth of the foetus while in the mother's womb, health experts said here Tuesday.

Can work while pregnant if director`s ready: Rani Mukerji

Rani Mukerji says her marital status won`t affect her work and even a pregnancy won`t come in the way as long as the director is comfortable.

Zoe Saldana acknowledges pregnancy in a video

`Guardians of the Galaxy` star Zoe Saldana has finally accepted that she is expecting her first child with husband Marco Perego.

Husband kills pregnant wife in Rajasthan

A three-month pregnant woman was shot dead allegedly by her husband in Ramganj area here over a family dispute, police said.

Maharashtra: Unborn baby`s skeleton removed from woman`s womb after 36 years

In a rare surgery, a team of doctors from a city hospital removed the skeleton of an unborn baby from the womb of a 60-year-old woman after a span of 36 years, possibly the longest that the remains of an ectopic pregnancy were retained in a female body.

Smoking during pregnancy affects future grandkids` growth

A new study has revealed that smoking during pregnancy has discernible effects on the growth of a woman`s future grandkids.

Scarlett Johansson satisfies pregnancy cravings with ice cream

Scarlett Johansson satisfied her pregnancy craving before a movie date with fiancé Romain Dauriac by indulging in ice cream.

Rani Mukerji wouldn`t mind working during pregnancy!

For quite sometime, Rani Mukerji`s rumoured pregnancy has been making the headlines. And the actress seems to have taking such speculation in her stride.

Jessica Simpson proud to shed weight

Singer-actress Jessica Simpson takes pride in her weight loss.