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Deaf women may have pre-term or low birth weight babies

Babies born to women with hearing loss are more likely at risk of being born premature and or have low birth weight, says a study led by an Indian-origin researcher.

Women who deliver prematurely have higher nutrients in milk

Previous research has demonstrated that breast milk from women who give birth prematurely is different from breast milk from women who give birth to full-term babies.

Premature babies at greater of risk of osteoporosis in adulthood

Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones become weak and brittle.

Breastfeeding stimulates brain development in preemies

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New Delhi: We are all aware with the tremendous health benefits of breast feeding. Being rich in antibodies, it strengthens the immune system of your babies and help them fight against viruses bacteria.


New technique to tell if baby was born early

Preterm birth is now the leading cause of death in children under five worldwide.

Preterm labour: Risk factors and ways to avoid it!

One thing that concerns every pregnant woman during pregnancy is 'preterm labour'. 

Blocking molecule may help prevent premature birth

When a woman goes into labour, the uterus experiences powerful contractions to push out the baby.

Preemies at greater risk of mental illness

One of every nine infants in the United States is born early and, thus, with increased risk of cognitive difficulties, problems with motor skills, and attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorders and anxiety.

Dengue during pregnancy can increase premature birth risk

Getting infected by the dengue virus during pregnancy, especially those who are in the second or third trimester, can increase the risk of premature birth, say doctors.

Prematurely born babies likely to have socially withdrawn personality as adults

Babies born very prematurely are more likely to have socially withdrawn personalities as adults, a new study has found.

Premature birth can run in families: Study

Women who were born preterm are at an increased risk of giving birth to premature babies, new research says.

Premature birth alters brain connections

Premature birth can alter connectivity between key areas of the brain, putting kids at greater risk of neurodevelopmental problems such as autism, a new study has found.

Premature babies at higher risk of brain disorders

In the early stages of brain growth, a disturbance like a premature birth could affect its neuro-circuitry, leading to a higher risk of neurological disorders, says a new research.

Premature babies at greater risk of future hip replacements

 Low birth weight and premature birth are linked to increased risk of osteoarthritis-related hip replacements in adulthood, says a research.

Programme launched to identify causes of premature births

With over 25 per cent of the total premature birth related deaths occurring in India, the Centre has launched a national programme to identify the causes and predictive "biomarkers" of such births.

Premature birth linked to asthma

Is your kid suffering from asthma and wheezing disorders? The reason may be the child`s premature birth, research showed.

How diet could reduce premature birth risk

A new study suggests that pregnant women who drink water and eat a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and whole grain cereal could reduce their chance of premature birth.

Tips for tackling asthma during pregnancy

Nothing can be as dreadful as suffering from an asthma attack during pregnancy. A pregnant lady, as it is, goes through a lot of bodily and hormonal changes. Having an asthma attack during this period can seriously be the worst nightmare.

Bacterial presence during pregnancy linked to premature birth

A new research has suggested that a high presence of bacteria at the site where foetal membranes rupture may be the key to understanding why some pregnant women experience their "water breaking" prematurely.

Early `water breaking` linked to premature births

A new study indicates that the presence of a specific bacteria at the site where foetal membranes break prematurely leading to labour, may be a major cause of premature births.