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Attention parents! Childhood head injury may up mental illness, mortality risk

The findings showed that people who had experienced a single mild, moderate or severe brain injury during childhood were at twice the risk of being admitted to hospital as a mental health inpatient.

BP control may reduce premature death in kidney diseases

A stringent blood pressure control regime may reduce the potential risk of early death among individuals suffering with chronic kidney disease, revealed a study.

Migratory birds' stress cause faster ageing, premature death

Migratory birds' stress cause faster ageing, premature death

Migration lets birds take advantage of abundant food resources at high latitudes during the breeding season while escaping the region's harsh winters. 

Higher `resting` heart rate linked to premature death

In the study, researchers assessed 46 studies involving 1 246 203 patients and 78 349 deaths from all causes, and 848 320 patients and 25 800 deaths from heart disease.

Military personnels have 50% risk of motor neurone disease

It is extremely rare, affecting only five to seven people in every 100,000 in the UK.

Single blood test to predict premature death risk

 With identification of a biomarker, researchers have found that a single blood test could reveal whether an apparently healthy person is likely to die of pneumonia or sepsis within the next 14 years.

Swap the couch with treadmill to avoid dying early

 Swapping just one hour of sitting with some physical activity such as walking each day, decreases your chance of an early death by 12 to 14 percent, said a new study that involved over 200,000 volunteers.

Elephants' death: Animal rights group seeks PM's intervention

Elephants' death: Animal rights group seeks PM's intervention

Heritage Animal Task Force has appealed to the Prime Minister to order a high-level enquiry into the alleged premature death of seven captive elephants in Kerala since January this year.

Wealthy elderly turning into risky alcoholics

 More older adults especially from the higher strata of the society are drinking alcohol at unsafe levels, a study has found.

Heart scan may predict mortality risk over 15 years

 A simple x-ray test that looks for early signs of coronary artery disease could help doctors identify if you are at risk of dying over the next 15 years, says a new study.

Whole grain diets reduce premature death risk

Eating every day a diet high in whole grains and cereal fibres may reduce your risk of premature death, suggests a new study.

Men who live alone run greater risk of premature death

Men who live alone have a considerably greater long-term risk of dying prematurely than other patients, finds a study that followed 1,090 stroke cases in western Sweden.

Daily consumption of oatmeal can slash risk of premature death by 9%

A new study has revealed that eating whole grain foods can cut your risk of premature death by 9 percent and eating a small bowl of oatmeal may be the secret to a longer life.

Too much television may cause early death

A new study has warned that people who watch TV for three hours or more each day are likely to die prematurely.

Stressed social relationships can lead to early death: Study

According to a new study, troubled relationships and frequent arguments with friends/family puts one`s health at a great risk and can induce early death.

Loneliness ups older adult`s chances of premature death by 14%

A new study has revealed that feeling extreme loneliness can increase an older person`s chances of premature death by 14 percent.

Perceived control reduces mortality risk only for lower educated people

Researchers have found that adults without college degrees live longer if they feel like they`re in control of their lives and those who feel little control are three times as likely to die.

Diabetes almost doubles stroke risk

A new study has revealed that people with diabetes have a 73 percent higher chance of being admitted to a hospital for heart failure than general population.

Smoking may knock ten years off your life

Ten years go up in smoke! Smoking may cut at least 10 years from your life, the first ever long-term Australian study has found.

Stress ups premature death risk in middle-aged employees

A new study has found that middle-aged workers who suffer stress at work are at greater risk of dying prematurely.