Tunisia parliamentary, presidential polls in October, November

Tunisia`s National Assembly approved Wednesday the proposed dates of parliamentary and presidential polls due to take place this year under a deal to end a major political crisis.

South Africa to vote after nostalgia-tinged campaign

More than 25 million South Africans -- including a "born free" generation electing a government for the first time -- are expected to vote in the country`s fifth all-race general election Wednesday.

Macedonia votes in snap polls, presidential run-off

Macedonians vote for a new assembly and president Sunday in a poll expected to cement the conservatives` grip on power, despite a shaky economy and a stalemate in Skopje`s bid to join the EU.

Top UN officials warn against Syrian presidential polls

Top UN officials have cautioned that Syria`s newly announced presidential elections have a risk of undermining efforts to achieve a political solution to the country`s three-year-old conflict, a UN spokesperson said here Monday.

Syria opposition rejects presidential poll `farce`

Syria`s opposition condemned Monday`s announcement of a June 3 presidential election expected to keep Bashar al-Assad in power despite tens of thousands of deaths in an anti-regime revolt since 2011.

US urges Maldives to hold speedy run-off after polls

The United States has urged the Maldives to carry out a decisive presidential run-off without delay after elections failed to deliver a clear winner.

Maldives geared up for tomorrow`s presidential polls

Maldives on Friday affirmed that the controversy-ridden presidential polls set for tomorrow will go ahead in order to avert a constitutional crisis.

Maldives set for presidential polls on Saturday

After two failed attempts, the Maldives is set to hold its presidential elections on Saturday to avoid a constitutional crisis, with the three warring political parties agreeing on the final voters` list.

India for free and fair polls in the Maldives: Salman Khurshid

India wants free and fair elections in the Maldives but will not interfere in the internal affairs of the country, External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said here on Wednesday.

India `deeply disappointed` over blocking of Maldives revote

India on Saturday said it was "deeply disappointed" over the blocking of a key presidential revote in the Maldives and called on all stakeholders in the Indian Ocean nation to fulfil their responsibility and ensure the election was completed "without further delay".

Don`t undermine democratic process: India to Maldives parties

India`s sentiment was conveyed by Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh who rushed to Maldives yesterday and returned home tonight, sources said.

Dissident leader enters Afghan presidential race

Qutbudin Helal, a senior leader of the Hekmatyar-led anti-government Hizb-e-Islami of Afghanistan, has switched sides and Saturday registered his name to contest in the Afghan presidential polls set for April next year.

Campaign begins for 2nd round of presidential polls in Maldives

Campaigning started with new vigour in Maldives today for the presidential run-off between Mohamed Nasheed and his nearest rival Abdulla Yameen, who formed an alliance with other parties to defeat the former president.

Nasheed wins 1st round of Maldives` presidential polls, faces run-off on Sept 28

Former president Mohammed Nasheed, who emerged as the clear winner in the first round of presidential polls in Maldives but fell short of a majority on Sunday said his victory in the September 28 run-off would be more emphatic.

Maldives ready for presidential polls tomorrow

Eighteen months after its first democratically elected President Mohamed Nasheed stepped down, Maldives will go to polls under the watchful eyes of 102 international observers which include a high-level team of former election commissioners from India.

Maldives Prez polls: Pol parties warn use of disappearing ink

With barely three days left for the crucial Presidential elections in Maldives, the political parties here have expressed a curious concern - use of disappearing ink pens - in the polling booths.

Zardari`s party boycotts presidential poll in Pak

Pakistan People`s Party Friday decided to boycott next week`s presidential election to protest over advancing of the polling dates.

Presidential polls in Maldives set for September

The Maldivian Elections Commission Thursday said presidential elections in the island will be held Sep 7 this year.

Exceedingly polarised US electorate voted in 2012

American electorate was deeply divided ideologically and exceedingly polarised in their political beliefs, according to an exit poll.

Barack Obama ‘man we can trust’: Michelle

Michelle Obama appealed to the voters and asked them to re-elect Barack Obama in the upcoming US Presidential polls the Democratic Party Convention.