Ukraine`s very survival at stake in presidential vote

With a bloody insurgency raging in the east, the ominous presence of Russian troops across the border and an economy in deep recession, next Sunday`s election will determine the very survival of Ukraine.

Ukraine presidential elections `crucial`, says German foreign minister

German Foreign Minister who is in Kiev on Tuesday stressed on the significance of May 25 presidential elections and suggested that the vote could be crucial to resolving the crisis fomenting in eastern towns.

Juan Carlos Varela wins presidential vote in Panama

Juan Carlos Varela from the opposition Panamenista Party won the presidential election, Supreme Electoral Court President Erasmo Pinilla said Sunday.

Syria presidential vote on June 3: Parliament speaker

Syria will hold presidential elections that are expected to return President Bashar al-Assad to office on June 3, the country`s parliamentary speaker said on Monday.

Guinea-Bissau presidential vote goes to run-off: Official

Guinea-Bissau`s presidential election will go to a second round between the main party`s candidate and the army-backed hopeful, the election commission has said, after no one secured a majority in the crunch poll.

Venezuelan oppn leader challenges poll results

Venezuela`s opposition leader Henrique Capriles Radonski filed a lawsuit with the country`s Supreme Court on Thursday, challenging last month`s presidential vote.

Venezuela votes to choose Chavez successor

But Capriles hopes that discontent over the nation`s soaring murder rate, chronic food shortages, high inflation and regular power outages will give him an upset victory after 14 years under Chavez.

Venezuela`s stark divisions on show at presidential vote today

A deeply divided Venezuela picks a new leader Sunday, with the rich calling for an end to the "Hugo Chavez nightmare," and the poor warning against the bourgeoisie returning to power.

Egypt Leftist demands vote recount citing "violations"

Hamdin Sabbahi, from the Leftist Al-Karamah party, has demanded a recount in Egypt`s presidential election.

Egypt presidential vote starts May 23

Egypt`s presidential election will be held over two days starting May 23, the state election committee said.

Putin warns Opposition ahead of presidential vote

Putin criticized the opposition plans for rallies over what it fears will be a fraudulent election.

Turkmenistan sets Feb date for presidential vote

The elections will be a mere formality extending the rule of President Gurbanguli Berdymukhamedov.

Russian PM asks party not to talk about presidential vote

United Russia relies heavily on Vladimir Putin for its public support.

Egypt`s presidential vote to be held by November

Country`s 1st presidential elections since the ouster of Mubarak will be held by November.

Yayi wins Benin presidential vote

Boni Yayi was seen as a symbol of change when he took office in 2006.

Kazakhstan to hold early presidential vote April 3

Kazakhstan`s leader called early
presidential elections for April 3, an accelerated timetable
that gives the country`s weak opposition forces little time to

UN presses Ivory Coast on deadlocked presidential vote

UN chief calls for provisional results to be published without further delay.

Ivory Coast poised for presidential vote amid violence

Some 5.7 million voters are eligible to vote in the west African country.

Ivory Coast caution against unofficial vote results

The Ivory Coast`s election authority urged the country to not believe unofficial results from the weekend`s long-delayed presidential vote, reiterating it would announce the outcome by Wednesday.

Abortion takes centre stage in Brazil presidential vote

Religious activists drop support for leading candidate Dilma Rousseff.