Human ancestors `smaller than rats`: Study

Early ancestors of human beings might be `miniscule monkeys` smaller than rats, an international study has said.

Primates need urgent conservation from getting extinct: Report

Mankind`s closest living relatives, the apes, monkeys, lemurs and other primates, are on the brink of extinction and in need of urgent conservation measures, according to a report.

Male monkeys also ride fathers’ coattails to success like humans

New research has provided a glimpse into how our male ancestors may have jockeyed for power and passed it on to their male offsprings.

Monkeys `have self-doubt like humans`

Alike humans, monkeys display self-doubt and uncertainty, a new study has revealed.

Wide-eyed primate caught on camera for first time

A "cute" primate so rare has been caught on camera in the forests of Sri Lanka for the first time.