Social networking site Facebook launches user friendly privacy policy
Social networking site Facebook launches user friendly privacy policy

 The social networking site Facebook launched much clearer and user-friendly privacy policy—down to 2,700 words from more than 9,000 earlier.

Facebook Messenger downloaded over 500 million times: Report

Google Play Store has reported that the new Facebook Messenger app has been downloaded over 500 million times on Android-based devices.

US warns Facebook on privacy in WhatsApp mega deal

US regulators warned Facebook about making changes to the privacy policy of WhatsApp, the smartphone messaging service set to be acquired by the social network for a whopping USD 19 billion.

Android flashlight app `deceives` millions of users

Millions of Android users have been "deceived" by a developer, who gathered their personal data through free flashlight app, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said.

Facebook stresses posts on site can be used as ads

Facebook has reportedly made official changes to its privacy policy, stressing that what a user posts on the social networking site can be used as advertisements.

Facebook defends move to ease privacy policy for teen users

Facebook defending its decision of easing its privacy policy for teen users has reportedly claimed that teenagers are `experts` at controlling who they share their online content with.

How to avoid misuse of your smartphone`s location sharing feature

Since smartphones have turned into the government`s alleged `snoop-op` targets, it is highly important to turn off the device`s location sharing functions for a stricter privacy.

FTC evaluates Facebook`s updates to key privacy policies

The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly analyzing whether Facebook`s changes to two key privacy policies comply with a 2011 agreement between the agency and the social media giant.

Facebook closes comment period on `key` policy updates

Social networking site Facebook has closed its comment period on proposed changes to key user policies, explaining how it uses consumer data.

Facebook `needs more time` to review new privacy policy

Facebook has reportedly delayed launching its new privacy policy, which was due to take effect on September 5 and cited that it needs more time to review the changes.

Google under fire from UK authorities over privacy policy

The UK authorities have reportedly criticized search engine site Google for its privacy policies and have warned the site of `enforcement actions` if the policies are not reformed.

`Always on` nature of Facebook`s `Home` sparks privacy concerns

Facebook`s newly released Home software for Android phones could `destroy the privacy of users`, industry watchers have warned.

Six European countries challenge Google on privacy

Agencies in six European nations will take legal action against Internet giant Google for failing to rectify problems with its privacy policy.

`Google should not force users to reveal real name`

Vint Cerf, a senior Google executive, has said that the Internet search giant should not force users to reveal their real names for some services, including its Google+ social network.

WhatsApp comes under scanner over privacy practices

Popular mobile chat platform WhatsApp has come under scrutiny as the application requires users to provide their entire contact list to the service.

Know Your Facebook

Knowledge is the most formidable weapon one can possibly have.

Facebook plans to end vote on privacy policy changes

Social networking giant Facebook is reportedly planning to end its practice of allowing users vote on changes to its privacy policies.

Facebook lets users vote on privacy policy

The social networking site Facebook is inviting its nearly 1 billion users to vote on changes to its privacy policy.

Google sued for Android refund over privacy policy change

Internet giant Google has been sued by a privacy activist who has demanded that it should pay to replace his Android smartphone.

Google, a super parent?

Google has announced its new privacy policy. Here’s a look at what the hype is all about.