NCP defends Ajit Pawar`s controversial remarks on rapists

NCP defended Maharashtra deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar`s controversial remarks insinuating that private parts of rapists be severed.

Kardashians `put mayonnaise on their private parts`

Kim Kardashian was apparently left horrified after her sisters said that they put mayonnaise on their private parts.

SC for harsher punishment to cops who chopped of man`s private parts

Observing that policemen should
be given harsher punishment for criminal acts, the Supreme
Court on Tuesday reserved its verdict on CBI`s plea for enhancing the punishment to three policemen who chopped of a man`s private parts.

Zac Efron has nasty rash on his private parts

Heartthrob Zac Efron has an embarrassing rash on his private parts.