Pro-Taliban militants blow up girls’ school in Pak

The Taliban, who are opposed to the education of girls,
have destroyed hundreds of schools across northwest Pakistan.

Pro-Taliban militants attack Sufi shrines in Pak

The Taliban have targeted several Sufi shrines in northwest Pakistan in recent years.

Militants attack Pashto poet`s shrine in Pak

Taliban militants are opposed to the practice of people paying their respect at Sufi shrines.

Over 60 pro-Taliban militants surrender in Pak

Sixty-four pro-Taliban
militants, including five commanders, today surrendered to the
security forces in Bajaur tribal region of northwest Pakistan,
officials said.

Pakistan troops kill 43 militants in Orakzai

Troops backed by helicopter gunships killed 43 militants and destroyed three hideouts in the volatile Orakzai tribal region of northwest Pakistan on Sunday, official sources said.

Pakistan troops kill 12 militants in Orakzai

Pakistani troops backed by gunship helicopters on Sunday destroyed three hideouts, killing 12 militants in the restive northwesten Orakzai tribal region.

Pro-Taliban militants behead two tribal elders in Pak

Pro-Taliban militants have beheaded two of six tribal elders who were kidnapped a month ago from the lawless Aurakzai tribal region in northwest Pakistan, sources said on Thursday.

Pro-Taliban militants blow up govt-run schools in Pakistan

Pro-Taliban militants blew up two government-run schools in the troubled Mohmand tribal region in northwest Pakistan on Thursday, officials said.