Chile priest who took babies for adoption will not be prosecuted

A Catholic priest in Chile who was instrumental in taking babies from their mothers for adoption by others in the 1970s and 1980s will not face prosecution, after a court ruled that too much time had passed since the events in question.

Justin Bieber may be prosecuted for spitting on neighbor

Justin Bieber will reportedly be prosecuted for allegedly spitting on a neighbor, if the L.A. County Sheriff`s Dept. gets its way.

30 CBI officials prosecuted in three years: Govt

Government said that about
30 officials of the premier probe agency, CBI, have been
prosecuted in the last three years.

Three Australian soldiers to be prosecuted over Afghan raid

Three Australian soldiers, who
were part of the international forces in Afghanistan, will
face charges over a deadly raid that left five children dead
in that nation, Australia`s top military prosecutor has said.

Domestic Violence Act scope widens, woman can be prosecuted

A woman can be prosecuted under the Domestic Violence Act, the Delhi High Court has ruled.