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Notorious Canada serial killer pens book, sparks outrage

The book, published on Jan 29 and available through the online retailer Inc, is listed as a personal memoir by Robert Pickton, 66, who is serving a life sentence. 

Sex workers 'participating with consent' should not face police action: SC panel

Sex workers 'participating with consent' should not face police action: SC panel

It is believed that a majority of sex workers in India are forced into the trade by poverty.

'Prostitutes better than women who raised anti-national slogans'

'Prostitutes better than women who raised anti-national slogans'

JNU students had organised a meet to mourn the hanging of Afzal Guru and JKLF co-founder Maqbool Bhat, where anti-India slogans were raised.

Japan lawmaker says 'comfort women' were 'prostitutes'

A Japanese lawmaker on Thursday said wartime sex slaves forced to work for Japan's Imperial Army were "professional prostitutes", local media reported.

Sex workers skip meals to raise funds for Chennai flood victims

Sex workers skip meals to raise funds for Chennai flood victims

Some 2,000 sex workers have pitched in to help raise funds for the Chennai flood victims.  

Disgraced UK peer resigns after prostitutes, drugs scandal

A senior peer in Britain's House of Lords was forced to resign on Tuesday after being caught on camera allegedly snorting cocaine with two prostitutes in his flat.

Pimp or libertine? Strauss-Kahn to hear verdict in French trial

 A French court will rule Friday on whether ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn is guilty of pimping charges after a trial which exposed lurid details of champagne-fuelled orgies and the world of prostitution.

US warns agents not to consort with prostitutes

The head of the US Justice Department on Friday warned the agency`s employees -- including FBI and DEA agents -- not to solicit prostitutes.

French lawmakers debate punishing prostitutes or clients

 French senators will on Monday debate whether the law should punish prostitutes or their clients, as France resumes a divisive discussion on how to crack down on the world`s oldest profession.

Strauss-Kahn unaware of prostitutes says pimp trial businessman

An explosive pimping trial in northern France zoned in on its most high-profile protagonist Dominique Strauss-Kahn Friday, with a local businessman saying the former IMF chief was unaware their orgies involved prostitutes.

Hong Kong police grill British banker over double murder

Hong Kong police were Sunday questioning a 29-year-old British financier who worked for Bank of America Merrill Lynch after the grisly discovery of two female corpses, including one in a suitcase, in his upmarket apartment.

Singaporean given three-year jail term for bribing referees

Singaporean businessman Eric Ding Si Yang was sentenced to three years in jail on Thursday after being found guilty of bribing three Lebanese soccer referees with prostitutes to fix a match.

Uma Bharti compares Congress to `prostitutes preaching ethics`

Uma Bharti equated the Congress with prostitutes preaching morality. He comments were in reference to accusations by the grand old party of BJP sidelining senior party leaders.

Sex workers to exercise NOTA option in protest against apathy

The 50-lakh-strong community of sex workers in India is seriously considering to opt for the NOTA option while exercising their franchise in the Lok Sabha election to register protest against deprivation and apathy.

China mulls tougher penalty for sex with underage prostitutes

China plans to amend a law to declare sex with underage prostitutes as rape, which if passed could entail more harsh punishment.

Prostitutes in Spain register to pay taxes

Prostitutes in the Spanish tourist island Ibiza have formed a sex workers` cooperative to pay taxes and gain social security benefits - the first such group legally registered in Spain, they say.

Shanghai judges sacked for soliciting prostitutes

The municipal legislature of Shanghai on Thursday sacked four senior judges from the city`s higher court for soliciting prostitutes at a night club, Xinhua reported.

Four Chinese judges accused of soliciting prostitutes suspended

Four senior judges of a Shanghai court in China have been suspended following an investigation into allegations that they hired prostitutes at a night club, officials said on Sunday.

Three Berlusconi aides jailed for procuring prostitutes

A special court on Friday held three associates of ex-Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi guilty of procuring under-age prostitutes during infamous "bunga bunga" parties at his villa.

Al Qaeda leader Awlaki spent thousands on prostitutes in US

Slain radical American-born Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki spent thousands of dollars on prostitutes while he traveled the United States preaching fundamentalist Islam.