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IMF chief Christine Lagarde warns of weak growth, lure of protectionism

IMF chief Christine Lagarde warns of weak growth, lure of protectionism

The head of the IMF on Wednesday renewed warnings against protectionism and trade restrictions, saying that the global economy risked prolonged low growth and that advanced economies faced painful inequality.

G20 pledges to improve business environment, check tax evasion

G20 pledges to improve business environment, check tax evasion

Committing to resist protectionism, the G20 nations have pledged to improve business environment to promote growth and strengthen transparency to prevent cross border tax evasion.

World Bank says trade protectionism starts to level off

Barriers to imports in major economies are starting to recede after a rash of protectionism during the global financial crisis, World Bank figures showed on Thursday.

Anand Sharma bats for open markets

Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma Wednesday urged developed countries to remain committed to open markets as protectionism delays recovery and deepens recession.

Govt may impose anti-dumping duty on Chinese chemical

India may impose anti-dumping duty of up to USD O.78 per kg on a Chinese chemical that is used for photography and medical applications so as to protect domestic players.

Tokyo Ink charged $45mn for hiding CVP import from India, China

Tokyo Ink has agreed to pay USD 45 million in penalties for concealing the import of a high performance pigment from India and China to the US with the purpose of avoiding antidumping and countervailing duties, federal authorities here have said.

Doha round of talks gathers fresh momentum

India has always raised concerns on the successful conclusion of the stalled Doha round to settle trade and protectionism issues, although there has been no headway into this.

Protectionism to hurt both -- US and India, warns Pranab

Worried over the adverse fallout of protectionism, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Monday said if the US stops outsourcing jobs to India, profitability of both the economies will be hurt.

China says US solar probe reflects protectionism

China criticized a US decision to investigate whether Chinese companies are harming the American solar panel industry.

World must step up efforts to counter protectionism: Germany

Sharing concerns of India and
other developing countries, Germany on Tuesday opposed increasing
protectionist measures taken by some countries in response to
global financial crisis.

India warns against protectionism under a green label

Amid growing pressure from developed nations to accept carbon curbing targets, PM pushed for "an ambitious, substantive and equitable outcome" at the UN summit.

Asia-Pacific leaders warn of mounting protectionism

Singling out the United States for trends "going in the opposite sense of free trade" Mexican President Felipe Calderon said on Saturday trade protectionism is a major threat to the global economic recovery.

Delay in concluding Doha pact will encourage protectionism: PM

Applauding the global trade
ministers for breaking the logjam over Doha Round of talks,
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday said delay in resuming
talks would have encouraged voices of protectionism.

Russia, China, Brazil endorse India`s stand on protectionism

India`s stand that protectionism remains a real threat to the global economy has been endorsed by Russia, China and Brazil.

Need to regulate financial market: Pranab

India has said there is a need to regulate the financial market but opposed any kind of protectionism.

FMs of BRIC say protectionism would retard global recovery

India on Friday said protectionist moves
in the name of regulatory and financial reforms would retard
global economic recovery.

China accuses US of protectionism in tyre case

A Chinese trade official said Wednesday that a US complaint about China`s tyre exports smacks of protectionism and appealed to Washington to avoid taking steps that might harm relations.