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How plants know whether it is day or night

How plants know whether it is day or night

The findings have implications both for improving crop yield and also in engineering artificial proteins that can be used to release drugs at specific spots in our body to treat cancer cells.

Soon, a cream that can ward off devastating superbugs!

The lotion prevents infection without directly killing bacteria and promoting antibiotic resistance, and could be ready for clinical trials in three years.

Reasons why you should add more protein to your diet!

Sources of protein include grains, legumes and nuts, as well as animal sources such as meats, dairy products, fish and eggs.

Find out how many eggs can you eat per week!

Eggs contain a large amount of proteins and other essential nutrients.

Six newly found proteins may help fight Alzheimer's, cancer

The naturally occurring amounts of each protein decrease with age, leading researchers to believe that they play an important role in the ageing process and the onset of diseases linked to older age.

New drug for prostate cancer found promising

 Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have created a new molecule for prostate cancer that has shown great efficacy when tested in mice.

Want to lose weight? Eat protein-rich meals

The recent popularity of lowcarb, high-protein diets can partially be attributed to the fact that dieters often feel fuller when protein intake is high, even if they are consuming fewer calories overall.

Cancer's 'social network' analysis offers hope for patients

A team of scientists has developed a computer model that applies techniques used to analyse social networks to identify new ways of treating cancer.

Blame your parents if you are 'impulsive'

If the tendencies of delay discounting keeps on bugging you and you often choose to take a smaller reward that is available immediately, then it isn't your fault as according to a recent study it is influenced by a person's genetic makeup.

Promising new melanoma drug in the offing

The new compound, named SBI-756, targets a specific molecular machine known as the translation initiation complex.

Whale protein could hold key to synthetic blood

Proteins that allow deep-diving whales to remain active while holding their breath for up to two hours could help create life-saving synthetic blood for human patients, researchers, including one of Indian-origin, suggest.

Here`s what makes our heart pump

A new study has shed light on what powers the pumping heart.

How deep-diving whales may help create synthetic blood

As per a recent study, deep-diving whales can hold answer for synthetic blood.

Eat your way to a healthy workout!

Do you like to stay physically fit? Do you go or plan to go to the gym? If yes, then this one's for you!  

Proteins that help plants grow under salt stress identified

Proteins that help plants grow under salt stress identified

 While high salt in soil threatens to reduce the growth and yield of crops, researchers have now identified a protein family that may help plants grow under slat stress.

Newly discovered compound may slaughter malaria parasite

In a breakthrough discovery, researchers have revealed a new compound which could be a potential new tool to fight malaria. 

How deadly brain disease spreads from gut

Offering hope for early detection of prion disease, a difficult to detect deadly brain condition in humans and farm animals, researchers have found how the proteins that cause the disorder spread from our gut.

Scientists design first artificial 'protein-making factory'

 In a first, US scientists have engineered an artificial ribosome - the protein synthesisers of the cell - or what the scientists call 'protein-making factory' that may enable the production of new drugs and next-generation biomaterial.

Benefits of chocolate milk vary according to workout intensities

Chocolate milk has it all whether it comes to proteins, carbs, sugar or the taste and is also trending with athletes, but a big question arises that is this dairy beverage perfect for everyone in replenishing the energy?

'Single-dose' of this malaria drug may help fight against disease 'better'

A new research has found a novel compound, DDD107498, that can actually treat malaria in a single dose and protect people from the disease and prevent infection being transmitted.