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Dinosaur-era flying reptiles were extremely social

The fossilized remains of Pterosaurs or flying reptiles - who were wiped out nearly 120 million years ago from earth - have provided a slice of prehistoric life - revealing that these dinosaur-era creatures were extremely social.

`Pterosaurs were soaring fliers and light landers`

Pterosaurs were light and fragile creatures best suited for catching rising
air to soar.

Winged dinosaurs `were capable of flight`

New scientific evidence have suggested that the winged dinosaurs were very capable of flight.

Giant Pterosaurs could fly 16,000 km nonstop

A new study has revealed that pterosaurs was the ultimate flying champ of the dinosaur era.

Ancient pterosaurs were skilled fliers

A fossil found in China of a pterosaur shows the creatures had unique and complex wing fibers.