Srinivasan played in ECB hands in Anderson-Jadeja spat: Aditya Verma

India became a "laughing stock" during the Ravindra Jadeja-James Anderson incident because of the timidity of BCCI president in-exile N Srinivasan, who played a "puppet" fearing a backlash from the England and Australia boards, CAB secretary Aditya Verma said Saturday.

Make a difference at any age

The fact that no matter how old she is, nothing can stop a woman on a mission as Suraiya Hasan Bose and Ratnamala both prove.

Malala says she`s a proud daughter of Pakistan

Malala Yousafzai hit back at claims that she has become a figure of the West, insisting she was proud to be a Pakistani.

Chhattisgarh government is a puppet: Congress

Opposition Congress in Chhattisgarh alleged that the BJP government has joined hands with the industry "to forcibly acquire" land owned by tribals.

800-yr-old Yoda voted ‘best screen puppet of all times’

Jedi Master Yoda has been voted as the best screen puppet in a poll of top TV and film puppets conducted by UK movie rental and online streaming service ‘Lovefilm’.

Innovations to dazzle puppet stage in Delhi

The ancient performing art of puppetry will receive a fresh lease of life.