Next generation photonic chips in the offing

Researchers from University of Southampton have developed a new technique to help produce more reliable and robust next generation photonic chips.

Scientists observe a particle that is its own antiparticle

A discovery that may assist researchers encode information for quantum computers, scientists of Princeton University have observed an exotic particle that behaves simultaneously like matter and antimatter.

Google collaborates with UC Santa Barbara for quantum computing
Google collaborates with UC Santa Barbara for quantum computing

Google Inc on Tuesday unveiled a hardware initiative to develop and build processors for its new quantum computing systems based on superconducting electronics.

Photon router sets stage for quantum computers

In an effort to overcome the difficulties in building quantum computers, scientists have developed a photonic router - a quantum device based on a single atom that enables routing of single photons (particles of light).

Programmable quantum computers come closer to reality

Scientists have revealed that they have performed a proof-of-concept experiment that will aid the future development of programmable.

Superfast` quantum computers come close to reality

A new breakthrough by researchers could help make the dream of quantum computers come true.

New mathematical model brings quantum computers closer to reality

A research team has developed a mathematical model for a type of microscopic test lab that could provide new and deeper insight into the world of quantum particles.

Quantum computers move closer to reality

The ability to store and process huge amounts of data in a quantum way (on an atomic scale) would revolutionise computing.

Quantum computers `one step closer to reality`

A team of researchers has made a breakthrough in the process of developing quantum computers.

`Quantum computers will happen in our lifetime`

IBM scientists have made a significant step towards creating ‘quantum computers’ that would be faster than any supercomputer on Earth.

Now, cool semiconductors using laser light

New method to cool semiconductor membranes using laser light has been developed.

With silicon wire, quantum computers closer to reality

World’s thinnest silicon wire, which is just one atom tall and four atoms wide, may play a vital role in developing quantum computers in future.

World’s tiniest fridge could chill quantum computers

Researchers have designed a blueprint for world’s tiniest fridge that could chill quantum computers.