Timberwolf, the `lucky` koala who survived 88-km ride clinging to a car

Meet Timberwolf, the survivor and an implausibly strong koala, who survived an hour long high speed drive clinging to the bottom of a car that travelled 88km on a busy Australian freeway.

Rush to rescue stranded whale in Australia

Australian authorities struggled to rescue a beached baby whale today and were forced to suspend the operation as fading light hampered efforts to return it to sea.

World`s oldest sperm discovered in Australia

Scientists have discovered the world`s oldest and best-preserved sperm from tiny shrimps, measuring a massive 1.3 millimetres and dating back to 17 million years in Australia.

Powerful cyclone nears Australia`s Barrier Reef coast

A cyclone packing winds of up to 270 kilometers an hour swept towards Australia`s Great Barrier Reef coast on Friday.

Australia`s northeast coast braces for strongest cyclone in 3 years

Residents and tourists on Friday were evacuating parts of Australia`s northeast coast, home to the Great Barrier Reef, as the strongest cyclone in three years was poised to hit land later in the day.

Emergency warning issued for bushfires in Australia

An emergency warning was issued Saturday for the bushfires burning on North Stradbroke Island in Queensland.

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef corals lead to super sunscreen

In a step forward in the fight against skin cancer, scientists in Australia claimed to have developed a super sunscreen which mimics the natural sun protection used by Great Barrier Reef corals.

Queensland rejects UK succession law changes

The Australian state of Queensland wants to draft its own legislation on royal succession.

Severe thunderstorms hit Queensland, Australia

Thousands of homes remain without power and a man has been critically injured after severe thunderstorms battered Australia`s southeast Queensland on Sunday night.

Asian `madams` are the new face of Queensland sex trade

Young Asian ``madams`` operating multimillion-dollar call-girl rings have taken over old organised crime bosses as the emerging face of Queensland`s lucrative illicit sex trade.

Australia`s Queensland state lifts ban on uranium mining

Uranium has not been mined in Queensland since the closure of the Mary Kathleen mine in the state in 1982.

Australia intercepts boat carrying 65

Australian authorities have intercepted another boat carrying 65 suspected asylum seekers off the West Australian coast.

Australian jailed for life for killing 3 Indians

Supreme Court judge John Byrne today handed down the life sentence to Massimo `Max` Sica, 42, for what he described as "brutal, horrific crimes in the worst category of murder".

Australia house fire kills 11, including 8 kids

Three people managed to escape the fire, which broke out in the two-storey home in Logan City.

Floods swamp cyclone-hit areas of Australia

Queensland has been hit by natural disasters in the past two months.

`Cyclone Yasi caused severe damage to Great Barrier Reef`

Yasi affected about 300 km of the 2,400 km long reef, leaving varying degrees of damage.

Australia reels from once-in-a-century cyclone

There were no reports of fatalities as police scoured the worst-hit areas.

Storm weakens over Australia`s flood-ravaged north

A bigger storm, however, was getting stronger in the South Pacific.

Australian flood crisis could continue for 10 days

Australian PM is mulling introducing a flood tax to pay for reconstruction.

Australia flood clean-up starts, tough task ahead

The clean up operation has started in Australia`s flood-hit Queensland on a post war scale.