Shopping vouchers may help pregnant women kick the butt

Financial incentives could help one in five women quit smoking during pregnancy, shows a new research.

Here's how to quit smoking without having to give it up altogether

In a multinational study, scientists have found that medication therapy could increase the long-term success of smokers who are not yet ready to quit, but are willing to cut back on cigarettes.

Jury still out on 'benefits' of e-cigarettes

Scientists are debating perception of E-Cigarettes that it helps smokers quit, ban reflexes and does no harm.

Want to quit smoking? Do it gradually

If you made a new year resolution to no longer take those tobacco puffs, tweak your plans a bit as a new study says that it's better to quit smoking gradually rather than at once.

Financial rewards help smokers kick the butt

Offering small financial incentives doubles smoking cessation rates among socio-economically disadvantaged smokers, especially women, says a new research.

Offer financial incentives to double smoking cessation rates

A new study has suggested that smoking cessation rates get doubled by offering small financial incentives to socio-economically disadvantaged smokers.

Positive and negative messages both prompt smokers to quit

A mix of messages - such as those that stress the benefits of kicking the butt and those which emphasise health risks of smoking - might work best to convince smokers to quit, scientists say.

People who work longer smoke more

Do you work for long hours? Check your smoking habits. New research has revealed that people who work longer smoke more.

E-cigarettes may be able to help quit smoking

A new study by Dennis Nowak et al. has concluded that E-cigarettes are likely to terminate smoking and may just be able to lessen the risk of nicotine dependency in high-risk groups.

`E-ciggy users 60% likelier to kick the butt`

Researchers have said that people attempting to quit smoking without professional help are approximately 60 per cent more likely to report succeeding if they use e-cigarettes than if they use willpower alone or over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapies such as patches or gum.

E-cigarette use not linked to quitting smoking: Study

People who use electronic cigarettes do not report higher rates of quitting than regular cigarette smokers, according to a US study out Monday.

`Why` to quit smoking ads more persuasive than `how` counterparts

A new study has found that advertisements that give a reason to smokers to quit are more successful in terms of persuasion than messages that explain how to go about it.

Quitting smoking may not result in weight gain: Study

A new study has revealed that quitting smoking may not result in a person putting on weight.

Most smokers think about kicking the butt on Mondays

A new study found that Mondays are when smokers are most likely to think about kicking their habit.

Quit ciggies to lower heart attack risk to levels of never smokers

A new study has suggested that quitting smoking is not able to reduce the amount of disease smoking causes in the coronary arteries, but does lower the risk of heart attack and death to the levels of non-smokers.

Quit smoking to lower heart attack risk

A new study has suggested that quitting smoking is not able to reduce the amount of disease smoking causes in the coronary arteries, but does lower the risk of heart attack and death to the levels of non-smokers.

Soon, cigarette packets that talk to smokers about quitting smoking

Cigarette packets that talk could soon join the fight to push smokers into kicking their unhealthy habit.

Rajinikanth asks fans to kick smoking habit

Rajinikanth, whose inimitable style of popping a cigarette into his mouth earned him many a fan among youth, has urged them to kick the habit.

Soon, a jab to help you quit smoking

Struggling to kick the butt? Don`t worry, as scientists have developed a new "genetic vaccine" that can halt your nicotine cravings, a breakthrough they say could help millions of smokers to quit the habit.

`It`s never too late to quit smoking`

Quitting smoking has benefits even if it happens later in life, claims a new study after finding a strong link between smoking cessation and reduced mortality among people aged 60 or older.