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North Korea, a smokers' paradise, now urging people to quit

North Korea, a smokers' paradise, now urging people to quit

It's a battle Pyongyang has tried before and won't easily win since it doesn't appear to have a lot of funding.

Smoking kills, quit now: Here are 6 best tips ever!

Here are some tips which may help you to quit smoking and improve your health.

Ranbir Kapoor is trying THIS NEW fad to kick the butt!

Ranbir Kapoor is trying THIS NEW fad to kick the butt!

Smoking a cigarette reduces your number of years causing the dreaded Cancer disease. 

Why e-cigarettes may not help quit smoking

While the researchers found a significant jump in the popularity of the words "vape" and "vaping,", they noticed a decline in searches related to vaping health and smoking cessation.

Budget 2016: Here's why Sunny Leone's 'smoking hot message' video has gone viral - Watch

Budget 2016: Here's why Sunny Leone's 'smoking hot message' video has gone viral - Watch

Watch the sizzling hot video featuring Sunny Leone and quit smoking! 

New mobile app to help people quit smoking in Switzerland

 The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) on Monday launched a personalised mobile phone app which aims to help smokers quit by enabling them to interact with somebody who will support them in doing so.

Brain region key to treating addiction identified

A region of the brain - called the insular cortex - may hold the key to treating smoking and other forms of addiction.

Trying to quit smoking? Strengthen self-control

If you actually want to quit smoking, you should strengthen self-control, a new study suggests.

Social media can help young adults kick the butt

Young adults who use social media to quit smoking are twice as successful in kicking the butt as those who use a more traditional method, a new study has found.

Homoeopathy, counselling can help quit smoking: Experts

People looking for a way out of tobacco addiction should not miss out on the homoeopathic route which experts say could also help through a combination of counselling and medication.

Quit smoking after angioplasty for healthier life

If you have gone through angioplasty, kicking the butt clearly implies a healthier quality of life compared to those who smoke, says a study.

E-cigarettes make quitting harder for smokers

A new study has examined that people who smoke e-cigarettes are less likely to quit.

Simon Cowell fails to quit smoking

Simon Cowell fails to quit smoking

TV mogul Simon Cowell says he once tried to give up smoking, but failed within minutes.

Shopping vouchers may help pregnant women kick the butt

Financial incentives could help one in five women quit smoking during pregnancy, shows a new research.

Here's how to quit smoking without having to give it up altogether

In a multinational study, scientists have found that medication therapy could increase the long-term success of smokers who are not yet ready to quit, but are willing to cut back on cigarettes.

Jury still out on 'benefits' of e-cigarettes

Scientists are debating perception of E-Cigarettes that it helps smokers quit, ban reflexes and does no harm.

Want to quit smoking? Do it gradually

If you made a new year resolution to no longer take those tobacco puffs, tweak your plans a bit as a new study says that it's better to quit smoking gradually rather than at once.

Financial rewards help smokers kick the butt

Offering small financial incentives doubles smoking cessation rates among socio-economically disadvantaged smokers, especially women, says a new research.

Offer financial incentives to double smoking cessation rates

A new study has suggested that smoking cessation rates get doubled by offering small financial incentives to socio-economically disadvantaged smokers.

Positive and negative messages both prompt smokers to quit

A mix of messages - such as those that stress the benefits of kicking the butt and those which emphasise health risks of smoking - might work best to convince smokers to quit, scientists say.