Race, ethnicity linked with heart disease risk

A man's likelihood of accumulating fat around his heart might be better determined if doctors were to consider his race and ethnicity as well as where on his body the excess fat is deposited, new research shows.

Planned changes to Australian race law spark bigotry fears

Ethnic minorities warned today that changes to an Australian law banning racial slights could give licence to bigotry and stir tensions, as community consultation on the proposal closed.

John Boyega to star in Jesse Owen biopic

John Boyega, known for her work in “Attack The Block”, will be seen as American athlete Jesse Owen in forthcoming biopic “Race”.

Abbas-Mustan`s next a romantic

Director duo Abbas-Mustan are ready to dabble with the romantic genre.

‘Race 2’: Abbas-Mustan's flick grosses 51 crores in first weekend!

Abbas-Mustan, the director duo best known for suspense thrillers, saw their latest brainchild – ‘Race 2’ – hit the theatres January 25, 2013.

`Race 2` collects Rs.15.12 crore on opening day

Director duo Abbas-Mustan`s action thriller `Race 2` minted Rs.15.12 crore at the box office on its opening day Friday.

John Abraham eager to participate in a real race

Actor-producer John Abraham harbours two high-speed dreams - he wants to participate in a car rally and a bike race.

`Race 2` to release in over 50 countries

Abbas-Mustan`s action-thriller ‘Race 2’ is set to release in more than 50 countries.

Bipasha Basu: Audience support helps actors stay longer

Actress Bipasha Basu doesn`t fear being sidelined by the popularity of newcomers because she believes it`s the audience who decides the longivity of an actor.

Tight race in Iowa kicks off 2012 campaign

Iowa Republicans cast the first votes of the 2012 White House campaign Tuesday, with Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul in a high-stakes battle.

Now, iris scan help predict race, gender

A new system has been developed that can pick out similarities between irises instead of the differences.

Santorum in White House race; `In it to win`

Santorum accused President Barack Obama of having a weak foreign policy.

Justin Timberlake’s sponsored race car wins Indy 500

Justin Timberlake just got another reason to celebrate America`s Memorial Day weekend, when his sponsored race car won the Indianapolis 500.

Race to make cheaper cars will harm environment: Book

Race among automobile manufacturers to make cheap cars will further create pollution, says a new book.

Revamped leftist leads tight race for Peru presidency

As per polls, the leftist Ollanta Humala could win 30 % of first-round vote.

Man wins race, crowned Nepal`s new `PM`

The Nepal`s Parliament have failed to elect PM even after 16 rounds of polls.

Calcutta Derby to have Rs 1.7 crore in total prize money

The Calcutta Derby on January 9 by the Royal Calcutta Turf Club will have a total prize money of 1.7 crore, the highest offered for a race here this season.

Sex, race and where you live impact risk of developing high BP

A new study claims that sex, race and the place of residence influences incidence of high blood pressure.

Race is not the strongest predictor of friendship on Facebook

Race is no longer the strongest predictor of friendship between two people.

Fringe parties ask NC not to withdraw from Nepal PM race

Nepali Congress has been asked
by twelve small political parties in Nepal not to withdraw its
candidacy from the Prime Ministerial race.