Radicalisation in Pakistan concern for India: NSA

 The threat of increasing radicalisation in Pakistan was a matter of concern for India, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval said on Thursday.

Youth being radicalised at ''alarming'' rate: Prince Charles

Heir to the British throne Prince Charles has said that young people in Britain were being radicalised at an "alarming" rate, for which he partly blamed "crazy" content on the internet, a media report said Sunday.

ISIS recruit from Kalyan may undergo lie detection test; NIA smells something fishy?
ISIS recruit from Kalyan may undergo lie detection test; NIA smells something fishy?

The 23-year-old Kalyan youth who had left India to join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, had reportedly married in July to a Palestinian girl named Tahira.

Australia steps up efforts against radicalisation

The funding follows a warning from spy chief David Irvine this month that the bloody conflicts in Iraq and Syria are creating a new generation of militants.

Pak begins scheme to stop radicalisation in madrasas: Report

Pakistan has started a "pilot scheme" to stop radicalisation in madrasas under which it hopes to open "window of influence" on schools.

Preventing radicalisation vital to fight terrorism: Mumbai police commissioner

Mumbai police commissioner Satyapal Singh said there is a need to fight radicalisation to eliminate terrorism.

UK varsities face threat of ‘on-campus radicalisation’

A report said the universities are not doing enough to respond to Islamic radicalisation threat.

Sharp divisions over radicalization hearing in US

Peter King dismissed the "rage and hysteria" over the hearing as unwarranted.

Arrested Saudi radicalised by 9/11 attacks and Osama

Khalid has been arrested on charges of plotting terror attacks in US.

‘Muslims in US equally vulnerable to radicalisation as in Europe’

With the surfacing of a string of terrorism cases in which American Muslims were involved, US counterterrorism experts have changed their earlier perception that Muslims in the US were not very vulnerable to radicalisation.

‘Radicalisation to violence is taking place in US’

In view of the spate of arrests of home-grown extremists and busting of terror plots inside the country, a top New York police official said that the "radicalisation to violence" is now taking place in the United States.