Delhi Police asks radio station to stop playing AAP jingle

 Delhi Police have asked FM radio channels in the national capital to stop playing an Aam Aadmi Party jingle which according to them is defaming the force.

Pooja Batra launches Bollywood radio station in US

Former Indian beauty queen and actress Pooja Batra, who is settled here, has launched a new Bollywood radio station, Mera Sangeet. The effort is to cater to the Indian diaspora in the US and Canada.

Riya Group Enterprises partners with radio stations for CSR

Riya Group Enterprises has partnered with two of Mumbai’s leading radio stations with a vision revolving around CSR initiatives.

India-born nurse`s death: Watchdog finds radio station guilty

A report by Australia`s media watchdog on the death of India-born nurse Jacintha Saldanha here, following a prank call from two radio jockeys, has found the radio station guilty of acting illegally, a leading British daily reported Thursday.

Aus police to assess Scotland Yard request on royal hoax case

Australian police on Thursday said they will assess the request made by Scotland Yard to consider criminal charges against Sydney radio station `2DayFM` and two of its DJs over a royal prank call.

Israel shuts down dovish radio station

Critics say the move is part of a broader trend in Israel to curb freedom of expression.

Tune in to Uttar Pradesh`s human radio

"It`s 4.15 in the morning...time for the weather report," crackles a loudspeaker perched atop a temple. For the next 30 minutes, the voice dispenses several useful nuggets of information, including train schedules and local news.

Canada: Indian radio station ordered to pay defamation damages

A prominent Indian radio station owner was targeted in a drive-by shooting in the Indian-dominated suburb of Surrey in September.

NATO unit launches radio station for rural Afghans

Working underground in an old Soviet bunker, a group of Afghan civilians and French Foreign Legion officers busy themselves with a couple of laptop computers and microphones until someone shouts for silence.