US near `tyranny` under Obama, says Republican

Senator Rand Paul, a potential Republican White House contender in 2016, has electrified conservative activists by warning that President Barack Obama was taking America down the road to tyranny.

US Senator Rand Paul sues President Barack Obama over NSA surveillance

Republican Sen. Rand Paul and a tea-party backed group are suing the Obama administration over the National Security Agency`s phone record collection policies.

`Bill Clinton`s pursuit of Monica Lewinsky was predatory`

United States Senator for Kentucky Rand Paul has said that Bill Clinton`s behavior toward the then-intern Monica Lewinsky was "predatory".

US Senate rejects proposal to halt Egypt aid

The Senate roundly rejected a proposal to redirect aid for Egypt into bridge-building projects in the US.

US Senate confirms John Brennan as CIA director

The US Senate has confirmed John Brennan as the next director of Central Intelligence Agency.

US senator`s 13-hour speech doesn`t stop CIA vote

Senator Rand Paul`s attempt to block confirmation of President Barack Obama`s nominee to lead the CIA ended early Thursday.

Bill moved to strip US aid to Pak, Egypt, Libya

An American Senator has moved a Congressional amendment to strip all US aid to Pakistan, Egypt and Libya, totalling about USD 4 billion per annum.

ISI made ``Osama doc`` Afridi eat like a dog

Dr Shakil Afridi has claimed that Pakistan`s Inter-Services Intelligence agency tortured him with cigarette butts and electric shocks.

US senator seeks no aid to Pak till Afridi’s release

In a letter, Senator Rand Paul demanded that no foreign government should benefit from billions upon billions of American taxpayer dollars.

ISI considers US `worse enemy than Indians`

Pakistan`s cooperation with the US was just a sham to extract billions of dollars in aid, said Dr Shakil Afridi.

Senator holds up confirmation of US envoy to Pak

Rand Paul has objected to the nomination of Rick Olson, in an apparent protest against continued detention of Dr Shakil Afridi.

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa govt to take over Osama’s plot

The Abbottabad compound will be taken over by the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government, if the land goes unclaimed within the next 15 days.

Sherry blocks US Senator’s attempt to stop Pak aid

US Senator Rand Paul has been blocked from attaching an amendment to the farm bill that would withhold US aid to Pakistan.

US senator Rand Paul refuses airport pat-down

Republican US Senator Rand Paul refused to complete a passenger security screening on Monday.